Thursday, September 22, 2011

A - Musing of a Novice

It is just over a month since I forayed into the world of blogging. I had cherished for long to be a part of this fraternity but some thing or other kept coming in way. I then came across some very interesting blogs while browsing and that is what got me hooked! Most of the blogger have far more experience than me. I would like to share my experiences as a ‘newborn’ who is still trying to keep his eyes open and looking at a whole new world before him. Some of the blogger drew my attention immediately.

I will recount my short interesting journey this far with blogger who took my breath away. They are the ones whose blogs I await daily for my mental nourishment.

First and foremost is that girl from Boston who pen’s ‘Words’ with so much of love and passion that you can almost feel it! Her choice of words and perfect diction amazes me day after day. Yes it is Saru!

Then there are likes of Purba and Alka from Gurgaon who have an incomparable repertoire of humorous digs at unsuspecting victims like Diggy and poor Rakhi Sawant!
Whether it is Purba’s love for Nigela Lawson for similar reasons as mine or determination to keep in shape are so succinctly portrayed in her blogs that it is difficult to contain the laughter. Alka’s description of Camel ride in Gurgaon brings the same effect like a tickle in the ribs of a small child. It is smiles all the way!

Chintan, the fast thinking and incisive girl from London has an uncanny ability to handle any subject objectively with her ‘Blunt’ weapon. She is one of the most energetic blogger who brings a whiff of Alpine air every day!

Before you jump to the conclusion of my tilt towards fairer sex, I would like to specially applaud “ Sub’ for dishing out ‘A Rubik Cube’ like blogs leaving me grappling after every new read. He has endless mind teasers up his sleeve.

It would be blasphemous not to mention about ‘Aesthetic Blasphemy’ and Ashish who with his simple blogs dwell about the best values cherished by the mankind. My old friend Vikram Karve‘s foodie blog and Mullah Nasiruddin’s wisdom stories are always colorful with words of advice.

I am sure there are many more blogger with more grace and style waiting to be discovered by me. All these blogs are like a bouquet of flowers with different shades  spreading their fragrance

It gives a feeling of belonging to have fallen in good company of ‘The Ineligible Bachelor’ who will’ Love Me in the End’.

( DISCLAIMER- All names in the blog indicated are real and there is no figment of imagination. I had wished to include many more names but due lack of exposure and insufficient details could not do so. Hope, I will be excused by other blogger)


  1. Thank you Sir, for your kind words. I'm speechless. For other bloggers; Purba is amazing, her wit and style of writing is wonderful. Once, I read her post early morning and I laughed my heart out. And, as far as Chintan is concerned, She is the most honest person, I know on blogosphere (including male bloggers). Also, I love her portraits,in some, she looks like a French Diva. And for Subhrasis and Anshul, each time I read their blog posts, it ends up in brain storming session during dinner at my place. And, for Vikram Sir, I'm speechless again. :)

    And, as always, I love the flow of 'words' on your blog. Congratulations on completing a month...:)

  2. Wonderful post. I am always fascinated by the array of bloggers out there who write so well and still so modest about it. Thank you for making LOVE ME IN THE END a part of your post. I am truly honored :).

  3. <3 Rahul ji <3
    Maza aa gaya :D

    Thank you so much means a lot!!!! I think we all love the names you mentioned. I would recommend you read

    He is a profound fiction writer and somehow I believe he doesn't write fiction, its all truth coming out :) You know how I hate fiction, but this man is awesome!! <3 please do read :D

    And thank you again :D:D:D:D:D

  4. Thank you for mentioning my name Rahul. It is a beautiful world out here and I have made several friends. I havent met Purba, Bikram, Anshul and many others but we share a special bond through our blog posts.

  5. I have been blogging for a year and a half and still feel like a newcomer. The funny feeling in the pit of my stomach when I publish a new post. And I complain bitterly if it's not well received.

    The beauty of a blog is the incredible people you get to meet from all around the world. People you might never have met otherwise. And soon your readers become a part of your family.

    This just the beginning, keep writing and it will be a journey you will never regret.

  6. @Saru-Thanks! I am amazed by all of you for genuine reasons!
    @Sonia- I like your contributions and your book too!
    @Chintan-A sincere thanks to you. I did like the link sent by you. Keep sharing interesting things
    @ Alka- You are so good that it would have been more than an oversight to not mention you
    @ Purba-Feel honored to get your beautiful review. No words suffice in your praise for humility despite such mass following. On lighter note.. I never knew you too have butterflies in stomach like me before pressing the 'Publish' button

  7. Hey Rahul...thanks a lot for putting me with those greats of the blogosphere...I am not yet there, but am honored...

    happy blogging :)

  8. Sub- Your humility is a reflection of the power of your pen! I may still not have done full justice.