Friday, September 9, 2011

We Revel in Mediocrity!

The resounding success of Salman Khan’s Potboiler ‘Bodyguard’ leaves no doubt about our penchant for mediocre things. While we try to figure out reasons for the movie’s success -a passable fare in the name of entertainment, the producers are singing their way to the bank! Who cares if the story line was thin as long as unbelievable stunts managed to enthrall the audience. It was amazing to know that people stood in the queues from early morning on the opening days to buy tickets. We Indians are no fools to invest time and big money and other creative energies like Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather -fame), James Cameroon( Avtaar- creator) and Akira Kurosowa( The Seven Samurai-Director ) to create masterpiece cinema. The culture of multiplex promotes this ’fly by night’ model for success of such movies, otherwise jaw dropping earnings in first four days of such release is not possible

The TV talk shows are no different. The same faces appear over and over again regardless of the topic for discussion. The drama enacted by politicians on the shows would put even the mature actors to shame. It is a different matter that very few are gullible to believe them.Given the first opportunity the audience tears the panel to shreds! The debates have touched the nadir and it appears more of a slanging match than discussion on important issues like price rise, corruption in public life etc! We have to traverse a long way to come to the standards set by likes of Walter Cronkite, Larry King and Oprah Winfrey etc. The other shows including reality shows which are rated high are mostly remakes of American soap/ shows.

Hope some day in not too distant future we will see the rise of creative genius and not the grisly fare in the name of entertainment!


  1. i think the DD days were better...not everything is just meaningless and nonsense on the tv....and well movies...hard to believe movies are making 100 crores in a week.!

  2. i miss the old DD serials like Nukkad, Fauzi, Circus, Malgudi Days, Bomkesh Bakshi, Mahabharat and so on...movies on the other hand are improving...barring few like bodyguard...

    nice post

  3. You can't even laugh at these forms of entertainment. Where is creativity vanished, I wonder!!!

  4. @ Chintan- Yes those serials at least had some originality!
    @Sub- Agree!! Sometimes movies like 'Three Idiots' appear as a whiff of fresh air
    @Saru- You are absolutely right as its been a long time since I saw movies like ' Kabuliwallah','Anand', 'Sonar Kella' and 'Pather Panchali'.