Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Young Genious

Mohan and Sohan were the two children of the maid who came to our house to assist my wife. They were aged fourteen and twelve years. One day their mother asked my wife if she could  teach the children while she worked, in the evening. After a little thought she agreed and from the next day, both the children accompanied their mother with their school bags. In a few days it was clear that they were both poles apart as chalk is to cheese. The younger brother was more attentive,sincere and a keen learner where as the elder brother was casual, indifferent and would indulge in pranks to escape the studies. After six months the results came. The younger one had stood first in his class and the elder brother just managed to scrape through. This continued for next two years and their performances were maintained. The younger brother not only worked hard but would insist that he be given some extra work to keep ahead of the class. He would often ask such intelligent questions that answers were not readily available.

The maid left for her village and we did not see her for a few years. Last year when scanning the newspaper I spotted a photograph of a boy who resembled Sohan. It was an advertisement from one of the study group claiming its share of success in coaching  the new entrants to the engineering colleges. I showed it to my wife and she to immediately recognised the young boy.His name had figured in the list of top ranker's for admission at a premier engineering college. He had been awarded a scholarship to pursue the further studies. We felt very happy at the thought of young Sohan moving up the social ladder with sheer effort and dedication. The studies had proved to be a great equalizer and had changed the destiny of Sohan forever


  1. :) Rahul ji, so much of respect and warmth for Mrs. Please convey my best regards.

  2. Thanks Chintan . Small gestures could sometimes bring wonderful results. Will surely covey your appreciation to my wife

  3. Small gestures like these go a long way. It gave Sohan the audacity to dream.

  4. That was a wonderful gesture,
    We have the power to change the people around us , moving from 'me' to we! I also remember teaching washer man's child for a year!
    But i don't read newspapers so often :)

  5. @ Purba- Thank you Purba! A small step in right direction can yield positive results.
    @ Ashish- ' The Power of One' if understood, can move mountains.. Thanks Ashish

  6. I duly admire your wife sir.
    Providing service to the needy is like serving GOD indeed :)
    Nice read !!

  7. Thank You, Reicha for those kind words