Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Diwali Wish

The gates of the hell opened as the new inmate arrived. He was haggard and had a very tired look.

‘Who are you?’ the gatekeeper asked as he tried hard to recognize.

‘Oh it is you, Gaddafi” he recognized him finally, as the unkempt beard, the wounds on his body, and the sunken eyes gave away his identity.

He ushered him inside. After walking some distance Gaddafi recognized his old friend, Bin Laden who too had entered through the same gate a few months earlier. He appeared to be happier as his eyes shone in radiance.

‘Welcome, my friend, Allah is great!’ so good to see you’ he said as he hugged him.

I need to take a wash, Gaddafi replied as he still reeked of the smell of the effluent gases of the drain pipe where he hid before the end came. After a shower and a change he found Osama again.

‘I hate these Americans, who with their sleuths and technical gizmos found me. I was happily enjoying ‘Black Hawk Down’ at home in Abbotabad with begum, little knowing that the Navy Seals had barged in my backyard’ Osama said, in a hurt tone. ‘Rest is history’ he commented ruefully.

‘NATO is no better!’ Gaddafi replied. ’Those bastards set their guys like blood hounds after me; and I continued to hunt with these hounds and ran like a hare. They even chased me with their warplanes, firing missiles at me, till I was forced to take refuge in that gutter pipe’, he continued.

‘We both seem to be cursed, to have made enemies, else we could have continued to enjoy’ remarked Osama as he scratched his beard. ‘You know, like a blue assed fly I ran from place to place for a decade, in wilderness of Tora Bora and Baluchistan, till I finally settled down to live peacefully in Abbotabad !

‘Yeah fate has been cruel to me as well!’ Had I not kept the pictures of Ms Rice in my bedroom to fantasize, I would not have been here, remarked Gaddafi vigorously, shaking his head in remorse.

‘I wish we were in India instead’ said Osama, looking down.

‘Why do you say so?’ asked Gaddafi

‘Can’t you see that guy Kasab? What a nice time he is having enjoying cakes and sweets for Diwali.
‘Yes, I agree, we made a mistake we should have run to India instead of hiding where we did, said Gaddafi with regret.

‘At least we could have lived for a few more years in comfort’ said Osama

‘Guys stop day dreaming ‘its time to sleep the gatekeeper came to them and cut short their conversation.

Tomorrow when we meet the god , we will ask him to give us our next rebirth in India where we will drive around in chauffeur driven cars with a cloak of security and be taken care of no matter what we do, they discussed before finally going to sleep.


  1. Last paragraph was IT.
    Though this made me sad despite the subtle humour ..

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    Nice write up!
    Truth is bitter and it hurts! I hate to admit the fact that our system will never change!

    Happy Diwali!!

  3. Rahul ji, you hit it hard where it hurts the most and in such a subtle way :)

    Hale India, Hale Kasab...

  4. The post is an out of box way of showing our country's system or lack of it. It's brilliant. As an old age saying goes in India, Guest is God...We treat every type of guest alike....

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  6. Nice work :)

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    Wish you a very Happy Diwali. Wonderful post.

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  9. Hehe, good imagination. I do not now much about India, but I have heard that you have some good mountain to climb.. so I wish to go some day:-)

  10. Awesome stuff here and some vivid imagination. This can actually be printed in the newspapers and I suggest you send it right away to all the newspapers, simultaneously. The topic is current and fantastic.

    You have a gift, enrich the world with it and your thoughts!

  11. Thank you Ravi for liking this! I was hooked to your posts...really good

  12. Great imagination... and the ugly truth of india...