Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A New Kid on the Block

If one was to ask which technology has impacted the most, since the evolution of mankind, I am sure many things will come to mind but undoubtedly the way mobile technology has evolved in less than two decades there would be few parallels. From bulky phones with small displays and just basic function of voice calls and text messages and a few value added services like voice mail in yesteryears, the scenario has undergone a sea change.  The market is now cluttered with so many phones in different price/features segments that customers are spoilt for choices. There are some basic phones with add-on features like FM radio and a basic camera to the sleek , designer smartphones with huge screens and ‘just name the feature and you have it’! There are many variants available but it is difficult to ‘home on’ and short list one. Working in an environment where one only talks about phones it becomes even more difficult to choose one! The new Zenfone- 2 would be my choice for some of the most brilliant features that have been incorporated in the design. The most appealing features that are impressive and out of the world are as follows:

a)     Dimensions and Weight: A phone which is oversized and overweight is difficult to carry and is a liability! The Zenfone 2 with dimensions of 77.2X152.5X3.9 mm and 170gm of weight is just perfect when it comes to portability and ease of carrying.

b)    Future Ready: This is one phone which has the most amazing capability of being useful in the traditional 2G, 3G and LTE (4G) environment. There are a very few phones that can support all these. If an investment is made today in this phone, one can carry this phone in any part of the world and use it with ease. It will work fine in the remotest part of the world and is future proof as LTE is yet to make a foray commercially, in India and many other countries.

c)     Battery recharge: Most of the smart phones in market today consume a lot of power leaving the phone drained by the evening due to the multiple applications that are running on them. The unique feature of charging the phone battery to 60% within 39 minutes is very reassuring besides availability of a sleek power pack as an accessory

d)    Enhanced 4GB RAM along with a 2.3 Ghz processor which can make the phone work at a lightning speed with the latest state of the art technology. This will give a unique user experience in downloading huge files, gaming, music and glitch free high quality videos.

e)     Connectivity – The Zenfone 2 can work in all environments with ease and can be connected with ease with Bluetooth devices, Wi fi and USB. Thus one need not worry of added expense especially when traveling abroad to pay hefty roaming charges. One can get connected in a Wi fi zone and continue calling with Apps like Skype, Line etc with ease.

ASUS is a market leader and has brought very cost effective solutions with the cutting edge technology. The new Zenfone 2 will make the race even hotter with their brand new product!


  1. It's a great phone. Future ready is a good point. I mean, you know a lot about it from experience.

    1. Thanks for reading Saru! I rarely write for things related to profession:)

  2. I am not good at recognising the technical aspects of cell phones. But the service they provide is mind boggling!

  3. Most of those who understand it also find it difficult to use most applications that come preinstalled, Sandhya:)

  4. I have used the Asus Zenfone earlier version and it is an excellent phone. I am sure, this will be a great phone as well.

  5. Thank you, Rachna for reading!. Good to see you back from vacation:) Do share the memories of the holiday!