Friday, May 15, 2015

Little Genie

He has got that strange tattoo on his hand. He loves to play the music loud, she wears a short dress, see what funny hairstyle … and it goes on. The youngsters define the style quotient and make themselves heard and express how they would like to see the world around them. It is not surprising to see one company in synchronism with the youthful desires. It is none other than Airtel which has been continuously revamping its image and brand in tune with the changing times. The new smart phones are a rage amongst the youth. The biggest brand, Airtel is keeping pace with the fast evolving technology and modern global trends in launching the latest products be it smart phones, hand held devices  or technologies like LTE(4G). 

My Airtel Apps is an endeavor in this direction to offer the latest with good user experience and friendly user interfaces.  It continues to surprise its customers with goodies and pleasantries on every recharge; one can collect rewards in form of food, gift items and entertainment coupons from the leading brands like Café Coffee Day, Flipkart, Archies and many more.

The App also has a feature ‘I want to’ which provides short cut for Bill payment, Recharge, buying packs. It also provides the convenience of recording programs, downloading games, checking the balance, the data consumption details and history of recharges done. In short everything one would like to see and do.

The App takes care of all the safety concerns while doing mobile payments by incorporating features like PCIDSS certification and stored card details. The ease provided ensures that one need not remember the credit card details while initiating payments.

Some other very user friendly features that stand out are as follows:

·         Adding and removing services to one’s liking

·         One touch internet which gives lightning fast browsing especially when connected to ‘Airtel Live’. The glitch free video downloads enhances the experience when watching sports, music performances or movies.

·         The system is capable of giving alerts whenever the balance becomes low when availing prepaid services

·         In case of postpaid subscribers it is possible to check the history of past payments and thereby tracking expense

The My Airtel App is a free download for all Android devices and in future is likely to be available on the other operating systems like Apple IOS, Windows, Ovi Nokia and Blackberry. Besides all these, the incentives like cash back, free downloads act like catalyst for the users to enhance the feel good factor’! The cluttered domain of mobile world with multiple operators to choose from makes it difficult for end user to make a decision. Some good decisions like using My Airtel App will continue to lead the flock!(


  1. You are right Sir. They have catered to the young generation. Also some features are good for everyone - like payment, recharge, checking data usage. It's a great app.

    1. Thanks Saru! Life has changed with so many things now available:)

  2. Be Appy if you want to be Happy !

  3. I will have to check out this App :)