Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Sweet Chronicle

A quiet, a still, and then a loud howl
  The peace is shattered and face has a big scowl
The little one saw a’ big lizard’ crawl under the stroller
    One ‘hush’, the lizard retreated ashamed little prowler

She posed as a teacher with toys big n small
   It was time to punish and dole out ‘Choco’ rewards
The funny ‘Bunny’ rabbit always came late
   Cute ‘little ‘Barbie ‘only, finished food on plate

Mom and Dad took turns to narrate stories
   Of fairies, brave n evil and other tales of glory
They live their own’ bachpan’ hiding with her in attic
    Making faces, sharing fun and indulging in antics

Time moved and now she was in school
  She wanted to lead and be ahead of the pool
The ‘little head girl’ was no longer a Red Riding Hood
      A little authoritative but as helpful as she could
The pace in college was full of fun
  A lot of learning and exchange pun
The little doll has now grown wee bit tall
  She does not forget still, to have her’ Choco Kelloggs’

PS: 1.This is my post for Kelloggs/Indiblogger sponsored ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’ contest (

2. Images kind courtesy ‘Google’


  1. This is fun to read and a pretty good one. I loved you went with poem.
    Best of luck for the contest!

  2. Very sweet, Rahul. Good luck.

  3. This is such a sweet post. It made me relive my childhood days :)

    1. That was such a sweet comment, Rachna! Happy it revived your memories!

  4. This poem reminds me of one incident, once lizard fell and went inside my brother's clothes. He was a year old. It was so scary, we took off all his clothes. It bring chills even now.

    Beautiful poem, Sir. Crisp and filled with lovely moments.

    1. So happy that you added the two bits from your end to this small poem, Saru! We always have fond recollections of the memories from past!

  5. All the best for the contest, Rahul.

  6. All the best for the contest sir. This kind on posts reminds me about my childhood.. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Am happy that you could relate this to your childhood, Nupur:) Thanks a lot!

  7. So cute. This post is a little look back at those lost days.
    It also reminds me of a poem I wrote long, about school days.

    All the best for the contest, Mr. Bhatia. :)

    1. Wow! you too wrote a poem about childhood. Would love to read that, Divya:) Thanks for your kind wishes!