Sunday, July 10, 2016

Assured Growth

What is the best time in a man’s life? Without a doubt the answer is the 'childhood'. How many of us do really live a childhood fully?'Health is Wealth' is an old adage with a lot of meaning .A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Every child deserves an opportunity to grow and achieve to his potential. This can only happen if he can get the best nutrition, and an atmosphere conducive to growth of body and mind.

These days the peer pressure , need for getting admission in good schools and then there after to seek admission in the right college have become so important, that a healthy growth of child has literally taken a back seat. Even in the most modern homes people talk about the need for a child to be healthy but on a closer look, it is revealed that what they feed to children is mostly junk food( pizzas, burgers, noodles or bread). In today’s world the growth of children has become synonymous with promotion of products in most cases by major multi national brands. The USP of most of these products is closer to nature, made from whole wheat, a strong heart and so on.

In almost every home you will find a malnutrined or an obese child. They are other glued to the mobiles playing games or sending messages rather than hitting the playfield to develop themselves .In some cases they cannot afford to have a healthy food.In every part of the world including third world and developing countries the stress on physical development is evident from their medal tallies in the major sporting events. A well developed child is a national treasure. The well developed bodies also promote a more disciplined life, and a healthy life style,which is an asset in every walk of the life.
I remember from my childhood times, one drink that always led the race was Horlicks! They have continued to evolve with time and have continued to remain on the forefront. The growth of height and weight in line with the best practices and international standards for children in the growing years is extremely important. The company has even created a Horlicks Growth Calculator( which can be a guide to understand the ideal height and weight of a child by entering the age (between 2-9 years)and sex.

The latest product ( Horlicks Growth)offerings by the company also assures making up on lost height or weight by the regular consumption. It has been tested and clinically proven too! The products are safe and contain only the naturally available proteins, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The micronutrients also provide a shield of immunity .These products also ensure that the body muscles build up naturally, the focus and concentration improves,the blood gets healthier and the bones get stronger. So do not wait but give the child a chance to grow well. A healthy child is also a happy child that can bring a cheer in lives of everyone.


  1. going out and playing even if its just running and catching or hide and seek was the highlight of our childhood and luckily my en year old daughter's too

    1. So good to know that you and your daughter now too enjoy the gifts of nature.

  2. So true! 'A well developed child is a national treasure.' - This line should be somewhere etched in the school syllabus.

  3. Thank you Aarti for the kind comment

  4. Yes,every child must get good healthy food and nutrition.
    But,do the patents have enough time to spend with children and worry about their food?

  5. Sad that parents do not have time to raise their children. Thanks for reDing Mr Chowla.

  6. I wrote about then too, Sir. I think these supplements are necessary for kids, unless they have any side effects.