Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Cusco Trail

The lush green mountains, the sparkling blue waters,
  Cascading down Andean Peaks n Urubamba valley totters
Standing tall the remains of Incan Empire
  Leaves one spellbound in awe n much to inspire
Ayar Oche raises high in flight towards heaven,
  Listen to the murmur of Cusco tales make feet leaden
As you climb higher on Machu Picchu trail
 Stand, look, admire the edifices n structures frail
The delicacy of stonework on Killke raised complex
    Will raise a heartbeat, leaving jaws open n perplex?
Cusco is still a jewel adorning Peru’s crown
   Rising amidst jungles, rivulets and many a Llama towns

PS- 1. This poem is a dedication to the history, culture, and uniqueness of Peru, a land I desire to see one day!
2. The interesting legend of  Ayar Oche, that stood and displayed its large wings and came from where Sun was and turned into stone, just as he was, according to the folklore
3. The Killke people came before the Incas in 13th century and built the fortress, temples, and aqueducts

4. Llamas are domesticated animals that are prevalent in the region
5. Image of Machu Picchu and Llama- kind courtesy the Google
The Indian Blogger Awards 2017


  1. I hope you get to visit Peru soon, maybe in 2017 itself and live the poem and share your travel adventure with us so we can see Peru through your eyes . It's a nice poem by the way

  2. I want to visit Peru so much :) #someday

  3. I hope you get to go see these parts soon. (Especially because that also means we get to travel with you through your blog. :))

  4. A whole hearted thanks Divya for such a lovely wish, Divya:)

  5. This Cusco Trail looks lovely. I would love to visit Peru some day!

    1. I too have heard about this place! Must visit one day!

      Beautiful poem, Rahul!