Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Learning Curve

It has been almost a month since I posted on my blog. It was not the writer’s block that commonly afflicts us from time to time.  I am nearing six years of blogging and I realized that it was time to move on to a personal domain as I have worked on the Blogger platform ever since I started to blog. The search for best options ended on using Google G Suite which perhaps met most of the requirements.

Also, I had decided that it will be a ‘Do It Yourself’ model and thus began the quest for learning all the buzz words and understanding all the functionalities associated. I soon realized that making a blog post was any day easier than creating your own domain. The process started with what all I need to do and then move the posts from the Blogspot domain to domain. A lot of fancy work was also involved in learning how to change the fonts of the Blog Title to inserting the HTML codes in various widgets.

Like a true techie, my first move was to practice on one of my almost defunct Blogspot account the various activities and all the related sequencing. The D-day arrived making me nervous, having already registered a domain. The first step was moving over from the old Blogspot account to the new domain. To my good luck, the whole exercise went through flawlessly and lo and behold I had moved on to the new domain.

That did not satisfy me as I wanted to insert more pages and add some gimmicks to the blog as the ‘feel and look’ of the domain was still an old one. I learned some more tricks and then applied it one day to the backend of the new blog. Then the disaster struck! I could see all the blog posts but was unable to create any new post, and it looked all the work had gone in vain. I must confess that if you are bent on doing something even god will come to assist. He appeared in form of the Google backend support team who assisted me from remote and the blog came up once again like a proverbial rising of ‘Phoneix from the ashes’.

Very slowly and steadily I ventured to explore what I wanted to see on my blog and finally it is for you to see the end result. It may not be as professional as many would like to see but the joy of having tinkered with the technology to ‘create my own blog’. Has been a great learning experience! It has reaffirmed my belief that no age is too old to start something new. I would be grateful to my readers to give me their feedback for making an improvement to my blog.

PS: Image Kind Courtesy Google


  1. I am thoroughly impressed Rahul,it has a nice clean look.

  2. A big thanks Induji! It is satisfying that the blog site appears cleaner now:)

  3. I'm not able to open it. :( Will come back later and try once gain.

    1. Thanks a lot Divya!Hope you were able to open the post:)