Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thanking Women

A day most important that matters most
 We need to thank someone who bore us at huge cost
Raised us as kids, had sleepless nights
  Held  our hand never left out of sight
Loved as a sister, a companion and best friends
  Expecting little,sacrificing, and helping at every bend
Let us thank lord each day for he created women
   So that we have some one to take care and listen

PS:1. Image Kind Courtesy Google
2. One cannot convey the gratitude in enough words to thank all the women who make the difference in a man's life


  1. Short but sweet post .... I am sure the women in your life are blessed to have someone who respects their virtues like this .... Happy womens day to all the ladies you know :)

  2. A big thanks Jaishree ! I am fortunate to be in good company😃

  3. So very beautifully convyed, thanks for all the support and love from men like you who treat us as equals and make the and beautiful for us.

  4. Thanks a lot , Ramya! Am blessed to be in august company who bring happiness 😃

  5. hey dear, I'm so happy because your post are so wonderful and really useful for me,keep up and thanks....