Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Selfie Revolution

How quickly the world around us changes! I often wonder how the world where we live has become so small and how fast we can not only communicate verbally but exchange videos, pictures and even live stream with our friends and relatives virtually in any part of the world. Having been a part of this evolution like most of us, the breathtaking pace of changes in technology sometimes makes me wonder if this is for real? As a kid, my brush with photography started with a Kodak box camera that I got as a gift from a relative while still in the school. It remained a treasured possession for a long time till I first travelled to the USA in early 1981 and purchased my first colour camera. The unending love for capturing the moments while serving in the Navy, the spirit of adventure, travel around the country and the distant lands, experience the sights, smells and sounds continued unabated.

The real magic started with the smart phones when the ‘Selfies’ broke the barriers in photography and without relying on any one, one could capture the moment from an arm’s distance and much later with the improvised ‘selfie sticks’ The story of the ‘selfie’  is no less interesting as  the first reported selfie was taken by Nathan Hope in Sep 2002 and while attempting to take the selfie on a staircase tripped and landed face first and the teeth coming a close second and a wide one cm long gash on front  lip!  A lot has happened since then and being a part of the journey while working at the technology giant Ericsson at that time. I saw the entry of Sony Ericsson Z1010 mobile phone in 2003 with a ‘front facing camera’ which could be used for selfies and video calls. It has been a breathtaking pace of transition to see the new smartphones with better features appearing in the market at regular intervals, with greater clarity, improved granularity, sharper images, day/night modes and a long list.
A trek in Moneglia in Cinque Terre region of Italy
Some of the most memorable moments that I could capture by my smartphone were a journey to Cinque Terre in Italy, known for one of the most spectacular scenic beauty. My love for treks one morning took me through the winding trails up the hills in Moneigla, a small sleepy village on the Mediterranean coast.  The long climb up the mountains had a thick cover of olive trees. The lush cherries and plums, that I picked along to have one of the most memorable treks. Right behind me was the verdant deep blue Mediterranean Sea on the cusp of the mountains. Though I did manage to capture the beauty, if I had a camera smartphone like Dual In One Mobistar mobile'Selfie Camera' smartphone, to capture the 120dgree wide vision, the results would have been spectacular like capturing a ‘real moment’ to ‘Enjoy More’ for posterity.
A visit to the Galimard Perfumery at Grasse, France
The other moments like a trip to Galimard perfumery located in the world perfume capital, Grasse in France deserve a mention. The heavenly aroma of the fragrances and the process of manufacture of the perfumes was a real eye-opener. In the picture, you can see the thrill of making your own perfume in the eyes of my wife with a backdrop of the finest perfumes. Once again,  the only regret that the wide-angle coverage has been missed. Although, the essence of the place has been captured. The beautiful town of Grasse has so many perfume factories is to be seen to believe.
With Ninita Morena at the Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain
Another rare moment was with a German national Ninita Morena with whom I was on a FAM trip post-Madhya Pradesh Tourism Mart 2016 that I attended. We took a selfie at the Mahakaleshwar  Jyotirlinga Temple at Ujjain. The picture tells a story of cutting across the barriers of race and religion and enjoying the moment with divinity.  Not only did Ninita visit the Sanctum Sanctorum but also relished the ‘prasad ‘ offered at the temple.
With blogger friends Manjulika and Dipanshu at Kanha Wildlife Sanctuary

I have been singularly lucky to be in the company of some blogger friends who were invited to visit a property at Kanha Wildlife Sanctuary located in Madhya Pradesh. The thrilling ride on an open jeep that streaked through the jungles on the dusty roads to spot the tiger was a memorable one. We did manage to capture the thrill but were unable to capture the tiger and her cub in the selfie!

I hope the new Mobistar  Dual in One Camera Smartphone with the powerful 120-degree vision, low light capability, better pixel resolution with enhanced 'Selfie Experience'  will empower the users not to miss out on the rare moments of our life in future

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  1. May there be lots of travel, lots of photography and lots of selfies. If you have plans of coming to this side, we'll take a couple of selfies together (I take awful selfies :D. Seriously! )

    1. Thanks for your kind wishes Divya, Would love to take selfies with you whenever we meet for sure

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