Thursday, January 24, 2019

A Christmas in Prague

The Christmas Market in the Old Town
It was a short walk from the place I stayed in the Old Town, to The Tyn Church area in Prague. It was freezing cold but enough warm clothing had taken care of this.  The streets were well lit and as we inched closer, the excitement of seeing all the fun about which I had read so much, is difficult to describe. I had returned to the city after four years and little did I imagine I would be fortunate to be here at Christmas time. The beat of the music, singing of Christmas carols grew louder as we neared our destination.
The Astronomical Clock on the left and Tyn Church in the foreground
There were hoards of revellers enjoying the local beers, Pilsner  Urquell, Budweiser and Staropramen, and the local food. Wooden huts had sprung up along the main street and in the central square between the Astronomical Clock and the Tyn Church.  Many people were gathered around the Astronomical Clock to witness the march of the Apostles inside the clock as it strikes the bells every hour. The spectacle has been witnessed by hundreds of people every day for the last 600 years!
The Chimney Cake or Trdelink in making
The wooden huts are stalls that sell local handicrafts, jewellery, wines, and food treats. The food stalls are most popular that serve large hams roasted over fire spits ( Prazska Sunka), unhealthy but very tasty barbequed sausages(Klobasa) with potato salad ,Hungarian fried flatbread topped lavishly with cheese, garlic paste and ketchup(Langos), Pancakes(Palacinky) and never to miss the Chimney Cakes( Trdelnik)! This belongs to the family of spit cakes made by depositing layers of dough on a cylindrical spit. It is then layered with sugar and slowly baked over the open fire till the sugar caramelizes and the cylindrical crust becomes golden in colour and is soft and fluffy. The filling inside the chimney cake can be chosen from Nutella and fresh ice cream. It just melts into the mouth and the whole thing is so delicious that it vanishes in no time leaving behind a lingering trail.
The hot drinks are equally alluring ranging from Honey wine (Medovina), Mulled Wine(Svarak) served hot made with ingredients like red wine, fresh citrus fruit, spices and sugar, Grog- A mixture of Rum, sugar and lime juice and of course, the hot chocolate(Horka Cockolada).
The Potato Spirals( fried) and Bramboracky(Potato pancakes) and a host of other treats await the visitors
The Hungarian -Langos

The beautiful illumination of the buildings, trees, bushes and the nearby parks adds to the festivities to give an appearance of a fairyland. The huge Christmas trees at the Tyn Church and  Wenceslas Square festooned with lights buntings and glass globes radiate happiness all around. The children from schools all over the Czech Republic sing the carols and hymns.

The Cheesecake and the Walnut Cake
The small shops that sell souvenirs ranging from cut glass mementoes, puppets, magnets, chocolates are crowded with tourists and remain open till late hours
The illuminated Tyn Church and the Christmas Tree
It is an experience that one has to see to believe! No words can express the mood of the place and only the human senses can best acknowledge the beauty of the place

PS: The pictures were taken during the visit


  1. I am imagining the taste of Chimney Cake. Such a novel and unique dish. Great food, fabulous lights, music, songs, laughter and buzzing markets... create the perfect atmosphere for Christmassy celebration. Great pictures!

    1. Thanks for reading Shilpa! It is an unforgettable experience!

  2. 600 years old clock? wow!! and the food made me hungry must be fun, christmassy and sounds very exotic :)

  3. Thanks for reading, Latha! Nice to see you back