Monday, July 22, 2019

The Story of Chocolates

Some amazing creations of Casa Nobile-Bern
I am yet to come across someone who does not like chocolates. A single sweet that is universally loved and cuts across all the barriers of age, sex, religion, geography or any other. With the passage of time, the appeal of chocolates has only grown.

Some more chocolates!
It all began in Latin America where the Cacao trees grow wild and the first people who perhaps used the chocolates were Olmec or Mexico as known today. This was around 1000 BC and later the Mayans who lived in the region from 250-900 AD used chocolates extensively. Cacao beans were used as a currency for the longest times and 10 beans could buy a prostitute! The most rampant use of cacao was in drinks and not as solids. Aztecs who came after the Mayans continued to love the cacao as a drink but introduced a variant as a cold brew. Spaniards were the first Europeans who learnt to use the cacao beans for making chocolates as a health food and medicine.

The credit for the first chocolate goes to Englishman Joseph Fry in the 1850s who made the first solid chocolate using cocoa butter, cocoa powder and sugar. In 1875 Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle added condensed milk to the above chocolate bar to produce the first-ever milk chocolate bar. In 1875 Rudolph Lindt invented conch, the machine that rotated and spun the concoction to a silky smooth consistency. The factory still stands in Bern, next to the Bear Pit which I was fortunate to visit.

The first factory of Lindt chocolates in Bern- Faded signs can still be read
By 1907 Milton Hershey's factory was producing 33 million kisses per day. To learn more you can read (

The chocolates have come a long way since and some of the best chocolate factories and artisan chocolates are made in Europe especially in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Netherlands and in the USA too! A list of these was compiled by National Geographic(

I had visited the chocolate factory of Nestle ( Callier) in Broc, in Switzerland which is a rare treat. You can read this post on one of my old blog( It is an unforgettable experience to take a ride in the chocolate train from Gruyere to Broc before witnessing the unfolding of creation of amazing chocolates at the factory and tasting by the mouthful.
Casa Nobile in Bern

The creators of the chocolates are artisans who make some of the best treats and keep the recipes as secrets which are handed down the generations. During the recent visit to Bern, one such well-known creator in Bern that I came across was Casa Nobile. They can create chocolate exclusively for you including the aroma and texture as desired, bringing the customer expectation to a new level, a sweet tie customer loyalty.

Alluring treats at the shop
Their own creations and wrapping of chocolates with exclusive designs are mind-blowing. Great importance is attached to the raw materials with a clearly defined denomination of origin, ecological, economic and social aspects. The incomparable hay milk couverture is the ingredient of most seductive creations that melt in the mouth with a mere stroke of tongue in the mouth. The place is also a perfect location for a family treat, or a corporate workshop to witness the experience and emotion of creation of exclusive chocolates, sparking a passion.
The mouth-watering packaging

Away from the hustle-bustle of the busy shopping street, chocolate lovers will have their sweet dreams come true. It is a small paradise for chocolate lovers and has been ranked as number one in the Choco Guide 2018.

The desire to keep digging into luscious chocolates will hopefully take me to new destinations to taste the god's own creations in those places in future too.....

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  1. Ah look at all that Cocoa goodness!! The pictures are giving me cravings, now. :D.
    It was nice to learn about the beans being used as currency, long, long ago.

    1. Thanks Dee for reading! The story of chocolates is indeed interesting:)