Monday, June 22, 2020

An Ode to Safe Life

A time of life when things standstill
  No movies or outings enough time to fill
Rare things, pandemic, nature's wrath spill
  Humans look helpless as life goes downhill
Never in a lifetime things looked so grim
  Innocent lives lost, and sorrows fill the brim
Time to tread cautiously adopt a new paradigm
   Keep distance, avoid touch be safe to outswim
There is a silver lining to every dark cloud
   Do not mingle, frolic, avoid the crowd
For soon life will be normal if we vowed
  To adopt new norms see pandemic, bow out

PS: The current scenario looks grim but we look forward to a better tomorrow
2.  A hearty thanks to the COVID warriors
3. Image kind courtesy Google


  1. Hi Rahul, love the poem, so apt for current times. Yes, we all will soon put Covid-19 pandemic behind us. We need to keep our positivity level high.

  2. Many thanks Rachna for your kind comment. Am happy that you liked it and am sure it is a matter of time when the pandemic will be behind us

  3. I feel its going to get a lot worse before it gets better. :-|
    How are things in Noida?
    Stay Safe, Stay healthy!!

    1. Could not agree more, Divya, the way things are:( Life in Noida is OK and all day is spent at home. Hope all is well at your end too. Thanks for reading and wishing the best for you and family

  4. Timely write-up.
    The world is passing through a dark phase but I sincerely hope, this too shall pass.
    Stay safe... :-)

    1. Absolutely agree! Wishing you a healthy, safe and happy life