Saturday, September 5, 2020

A Note of Thanks

 It was the last month of my training in Jamnagar a small town in the Saurashtra region of Gujrat. I along with a batch of other dozen undertraining officers was chatting when our Course Officer walked into the room and broke the news of our postings on completion of the training. We had spent almost eighteen months at the Naval College of Electrical Engineering after our initial training at the Naval Academy in Kochi. Most of the course mates were heading for ships based at Mumbai or Vishakapatnam but I was re-appointed at the same establishment as an Instructor. Never in my life, I had imagined that I would be teaching that too after joining the Navy! 

That was a small beginning and I never imagined that I will have to play the role of a teacher. As my career progressed in the Navy for assorted work and subsequently in the corporate world. Having tasted the flavour of teaching early in life, I fell in love with this! While still working with the corporates I got an opportunity to teach the management students at an institute. The work was challenging and gave an insight into how the teaching happens in a world beyond the Navy. Also, in my corporate stint, I was nominated as a mentor to assist the project managers in attaining their certifications. It was a task which I enjoyed until the very end.

A new sunrise was on the horizon when I immersed myself in spending all the time I had with NGOs who were assisting in the upliftment of the children from economically challenged sections of society. It was not only challenging to teach these kids but also an opportunity to improve my teaching skills in their native language, Hindi, a task I had never done before. My vocabulary of Hindi language seemed thoroughly inadequate to understand the terminology used in Science and Mathematics. I would spend a lot of time to understand this before teaching the children until I managed to achieve a fair amount of improved skills. 

On this Teacher's Day, the greatest sense of pride comes in seeing some of these children clearing their Board examinations and taking the next step to walk into the world to take bigger challenges. Their expressions of love when it comes to tiny tots in presenting a pen or toffee on their birthdays can never be matched with any worldly possessions.  So many of them touch the feet, which even I had never done in my school days. Their innocence and sometimes pranks in the classes make even the dullest moment full of life. They are keen to know the stories of the Navy a career where I spent almost half my work life. The girls are very enthusiastic to learn about the avenues to join the armed forces as much as any other profession. There have been times when I conducted a workshop in the schools to make them aware of what adventure-filled life awaits them in pursuing a career in uniform.

I can vouch that there are not many professions as rewarding as teaching having tasted life both in uniform and otherwise. I dedicate this post to all my teachers including the Internet which is perhaps, the best teacher with endless platforms of knowledge in the modern-day. This year has been perhaps the most difficult one due to closure of schools leaving the classes from remote as the only option due to ongoing pandemic. Despite this, the children from the NGO whom I teach through the internet, put up a lovely show of their talent. Every adversity teaches us lessons to emerge stronger with a renewed will to overcome with zeal. This is a humble note of thanks to all students and teachers who are braving the situation.

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  1. This is an inspiring note from you and I admire the efforts you put on teaching and learning new things as well to educate the children. Belated Teacher's day greetings to you! Cheers