Monday, October 5, 2020

A Unique Cat Museum

The friendly cats enjoyng sunshine in Kotor

Sounds funny, but there exists one 'Cat Museum'. This was an accidental discovery when exploring the old town of Kotor in Montenegro just before the outbreak of pandemic in March this year! The town of Kotor has always had a fascination for these furry, feline creatures. While going around the town we came across dozens of cats who seemed to be loved by all. This love for the creatures reached a level of obsession and that resulted in the opening of this strange museum as an ode to the cats in 2013. 

The Cat Museum

The history of the museum, though a recent addition is quite fascinating. The International Cats Adoption Centre based in Venice received a huge donation and a large collection of exhibits from Italian Countess Francesca di Montereale Mantica. The Venetians had no hesitation to choose Kotor as the perfect choice to set up the museum for cats, being once a stronghold of Italy and their love for cats.

A number of enticing pictures of cats in almost human form adorn the walls of this museum and 'no live cats ' are in the museum. There are several medals, portraits of people with their beloved cats, antiques, posters and stamps depicting these feline creatures.

Entrance to Cat Museum- Kotor

'A cat has seven lives' is well depicted in certain situations on the walls of this museum where these creatures seem to be getting into trouble and coming out of the same in road accidents , hiticing a ride over a dog and swimming out of rivers in spate.

There are shops in the vicinity that sell cat food for the lovers to feed several of these' purry friends' that stroll fearlessly on the streets of Stari Grad, where the museum is located. 

The experience of visiting the old town of Kotor and its lively 'Cat Museum' is unique. One can carry the fridge magnets or stamps portraying the cats as a reminder of their visit and join the league of likes of Vladimir Putin who is featured in musem with a cat! 

PS- All pics are mine


  1. I like cats but one almost in "human form" would freak me out possibly:D

  2. We had been to Kotor recently and yes we did see the cat museum. Initially when I heard that there is a cat museum it really amused me... But after hearing to the story of how and why the residents of Kotor have such fancy and respect for cats I understood the significance.

    1. Wow! so nice that you too have seen te museum and enjoyed the lovely town of Kotor!Travel is so liberating:)

  3. That's a sweet idea for a museum. It makes it unique, too.