Monday, December 7, 2020

A Rendezvous at Sea


The mast high on which the tricolour flies
       Depicts glory and pride when guns boom in skies
The white uniform and golden stripes
    Bring back memories of music n pipes
A blowing trumpet  starts a new morn
   The roar of jet a brave heart airborne
Valiant men and women  guard sky and sea
   With determined passion and unending zeal
The grey steel vessels look quiet n sleek
   Till they belch fire to make enemies retreat
They touch the skies, n explore the deep sea
   Sweat n toil so the countrymen sleep in peace

PS:  1. The Navy Week and Navy Day( 04 Dec) bring back memories of my years at sea. This is a small tribute to the great service which gave me an opportunity to don the white uniform to serve
2. Image kind courtesy Google

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