Sunday, May 2, 2021

Light beyond Darkness


The despair has cast a shadow with the second wave of the pandemic that has thrown normal lives out of gear. When the things had barely started to look up, a pall of gloom has descended over the subcontinent. What appeared to be a distant enemy who would pick its victims randomly suddenly appeared to be knocking at the door. What was once the unknown names and faces who were consumed by the outrage suddenly started becoming the familiar names and faces. The worst was, that they had met their end without a soul or a relative standing next to them when they were bidding adieu to the mother earth.

After almost being led to believe that the worst is behind us, we ended up in this state. It is difficult to come to terms with the current impasse as a country capable of producing indigineous Light Combat Aircraft , Brahmos - ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear warhead, having doctors from AIIMS, engineers from IITs and managers from IIMs feeding the world talent pool, has come down on its kness.There will be several soul searching questions that would need to be answered and heads must roll fixing the responsibility. It pains most to see a complete paralysis of the administration and the entire system that we believed had the resilience to withstand the worst onslaught. The only streaks of silver lining are the efforts of a few organizations and individuals who are silently working round the clock to cater to insatiable needs. People with meagre and limited means are doing far more to help humanity than the monoliths. My head bows in reverence to such noble souls who are feeding the needy, meeting their needs at hospitals, rendering support to families in distress. The men in uniform have been called into service yet again to set up hospitals at a 24-hour notice to make it running in days when the civic system has collapsed or become dysfunctional for a variety of causes.

A small lesson learnt from the current catastrophe can be summarised as follows:

a) Protect yourselves from any unwarranted exposure

b) Do not believe in promises made by the system as truth has been the first casualty

c) Lend a helping hand in any way to the needy that is within one's means

d) Do not follow the media if you wish to maintain sanity, as there is an overdose of bad news with the worst twists added.

e) While in isolation follow some of your dream projects for which you never had time 

f) Indulge in light exercise, meditation or spirituality whatever is reassuring

Let us not lose hope and wait for the light at the end of this unending dark tunnel, as the sun does break out no matter how dense the clouds are.


  1. Very true, Rahul ji.
    You have expressed the points of concern so well.
    Pretty disturbing that to see our friends and relatives falling prey to this unseen enemy.
    We all need to be extremely careful.
    Prevention is better than the cure.
    Take care.
    Stay safe.

  2. Thanks for reading Anita! Do take care and stay safe