Tuesday, June 15, 2021

An Unusual Market- Marsaxlokk ,Malta

A place with an unusual name is best known for the sea delights, small colourful boats, tiny houses in the vicinity, smell of fish and quaint shops. The market comes to life on Sunday mornings. It is located on the tip of the Maltese archipelago and is 12.5 km from the capital city Valletta. It is also known as the 'Fishing village of Malta'.

After learning about the place we were excited to visit this unusual destination as we were staying in Valletta. So, early on a Sunday morning, we came to the bus stop which was just a short walk from our place of stay. The bus ride on route 81 reminded me of the scramble for buses in Delhi where sometimes the long wait for the bus leads to building up rush! The bus was crowded but comfortable and the route was scenic. Little towns of Floriana, Marsa, Tarixen, Zejtun that passed en route gave a glimpse of the countryside, the lush green fields and an occasional glimpse of the deep blue sea. After almost an hour we reached the seafront of Marsaxlokk! 

It was a perfect picture postcard setting! The scores of tiny colourful boats bobbed on the tranquil sea. An old tower was visible in the distance. We learnt that the tower was called Fort Lucian and built-in 1610. A short stroll along the harbour is delightful to observe the local fishermen and their colourful tiny boats called 'luzzu'. There was a huge flea market where the crowd was slowly building up. Local produce like jams, honey, traditional clothes and much more.
The local fishermen were displaying their catch for people to buy.
There were a number of small local eateries offering seafood, including octopus. Italian fare and traditional Maltese food were also available. Sometimes, the restaurants tend to be crowded on Sundays and one may need to reserve as the number of regular restaurants are not many!

It was a great experience to see the traditional fishing village coming to life in a distant corner of Malta. Among other attractions is a Parish church that has a beautiful interior and magnificent paintings.

After spending a couple of hours we turned back with memories of this quiet haven etched forever! The market is not to be missed when visiting Malta!

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