Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A Shopper's Stop- Amazing Thailand

If anyone was to look for a perfect getaway for a holiday, at the same time even if on budget, be able to return home with loads of gifts there is only one answer- Thailand! A country with so many gems including it is. A country that is unique in many ways attracts one of the highest footfalls in terms of tourism . It has many diverse options for every age.

The first time I visited Thailand, I was not aware of the vast array of choices. After several visits to places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Phuket I realized how little I know about the “Amazing Thailand”. 

So much has already been written about the food, the beaches, nightlife, temples, wats, wildlife, and a culture that there is little I can add except some pictures that speak for themselves. 

The most striking thing that stands out is the unique markets that Thailand offers to tourists. The James Bond movies ‘The Man with a Golden Gun’ , ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and Leonardo de Caprio’s ‘The Beach’ high- lighted the perfect beauty of the ‘ Floating Market’ and brisk sales on boats ,Sinn Sathorn Tower on Thonburi Road in Bangkok and Krabi’s beauty and its life in busy market places.

The stellar marketplace that is a must visit when in Bangkok is the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It comes to life every weekend and has over 15000 stalls of diverse range of consumer electronics, art, cosmetics, food, clothing, furniture just to name a few. The bargaining at shops is a fine art that can be practiced even by a novice here.

The Ratchada Train market in Bangkok is well worth a visit if you are a foodie. The options are mindboggling at great bargains. One can even find of quirky piece of jewelry or a fashion garment here.

Bangkok and most of the cities in Thailand never go to sleep. If you have the energy at theend of the day, do spend a few hours in the night markers which are as colorful or even more. Patpong, Khaosan and Silom markets in Bangkok are very lively. One can get incredible bargains in the moonlight. There are endless eating and drinking options at these venues. The Chang Chui Plane market that pops up on the nights goes to a new height in form of a market in the shell of a Tristar airliner. Khlong Thom market also known as the ‘Flashlight Market’ is also unique and gets its name from the need to carry a flashlight to view the goods sold here.

Besides Bangkok, places like Chiang Mai have a Warorot Market that sells a huge array of food items. The Cicada Open Air market is an Artist’s paradise in Hua Hin district with a unique display of arts. The Krabi Walking Street Market and Maeklong Railway track Market are unique. No matter where you are, a market is always close by in Thailand. (#BlogYourThailand #AmazingThailand #TATNewDelhi #TATIndia #ResetInThailand)