Sunday, August 15, 2021

The True Independence


Today we wake up to the dawn of having been fortunate to be born in India that gained Independence exactly 75 years ago! It has been a tumultuous journey with several ups and downs. Reams of achievements and moments of darkness that we as a nation have experienced can be recounted. I consider this journey one of the best opportunities that God has granted.  The best part of the journey has just commenced and all this happened due to the goodness that surrounds us,

Ever since I hung boots in the corporate world, I got a chance to engage with people who are making a difference in the lives of people struggling to make their ends meet. The finest moments are spent in their company. Ever since the pandemic struck, a new way of life emerged. The time that was earlier being spent in the company of the children in teaching them suddenly transformed to engagement through the internet classes. The obvious reason was to maintain social distancing a new norm that we are trying to live with.

Notwithstanding all the above challenges, this post is dedicated to these children who have shown me what real progress means. Imagine a boy selling snacks door to door and helping his mother, to become a teacher of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the country's leading institutions. He not only assisted his mother in running the home but also self-educated himself. He started schooling with the support of a benevolent  NGO, earned money by taking tuition classes, He went on to get a degree in engineering and is now not only pursuing further studies but also working with multinationals.

Equally inspiring is the story of a girl whose mother runs a tea stall and has recently scored more than 95% marks in the CBSE Class 12 board examinations, She has also qualified in the Combined Law Aptitude Test( CLAT) and aspires for Civil Services! 

Each of these children has seen struggles that are beyond our comprehension. Still, they fight every day to fulfil their dreams. It fills me with pride to see them running their own dance schools, working as entrepreneurs, and leading a life where they are now supporting others.

This is the real Independence and in the true spirit its celebration. I only hope that these success stories will replicate manifold in times to come. So, this day we not only salute all the valiant soldiers, doctors, and countless people who work as invisible hands to ensure everyone.s safety and well being but also such children who are making difference in their lives.


  1. Well said, and the true meaning of freedom is everyone getting equal opportunities. It's in students' hands to break the chain, society, and poverty that had imprisoned their dreams of pursuing a level of national pride and social interest.

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