Monday, April 10, 2023

Real Alcazar- A Treat for the Senses


The Royal Alcazar
Little did I know about a magnificent palace called  'The Real Alcazar' till I had planned a short trip to Sevilla in Spain around Christmas in the year gone by. Historically, the Alcazar located, just opposite the Cathedral of Sevilla, is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. One cannot miss the enormous edifice which leaves the onlooker in disbelief and awe even before stepping into the place. A steady stream of visitors is a testimony to its popularity.

The Main Courtyard
The Royal Alcazar was founded in the middle ages at the beginning of the 10th century. The Caliph of Cordoba ordered a new place for the government premises. Ever since its construction, it witnessed tumultuous upheavals and changes to keep pace with the changing times. Since 1248-49 ever since conquered by Castilians, the place has retained the title of the Royal Residence and as the city's political hub. Besides the architectural frame that acquired new forms as the rulers changed, the new use of spaces, the creation of gardens, endless water aqueducts and fountains with the stamp of the creators in the labyrinth of structures and gardens created 11 centuries ago, the palace has mysteries ensconced in its bosom,
The intricate tapestry on dome

The influence of the Crown of Spain is visible in the buildings of Alcazar due to its relationship ever since its creation. The influence of the changing fashion with times is visible in the intricate interiors. One such example is the Courtyard of Maidens which was refurbished in the Renaissance style. 

The lovely inlay work
The Renaissance artists contributed magnificent treasures to this building. Among other treasures are stylish wooden furniture, paintings, pieces of art, chandeliers, clocks, and tapestries that adorn this palace.
An immaculate tiling work

The upper floors of the place are still reserved for the monarchy to stay when visiting Sevilla. This place is renowned for its artistic tiles. Different forms of tiles can be seen as one moves from one end to the other end of this palace, Puerta del Leon or the Main Entrance has a huge figure of a Lion holding a cross in its claws. A little further is the Courtyard of the Maidens where according to a legend, 

The beautiful gardens of the Alcazar
Moors demanded 100 virgins every year from the Iberia region. There are several other places and gardens that abound and need more than an entire day just to get a glimpse and appreciate the beauty of the place,
The jaw-dropping beauty of the gardens

It would be impossible to capture the details of this fascinating place in a single post but some of the pictures will speak more than words about the beauty of this palace.

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  1. Beautiful. It looked like the Mosques in Samarkand

    1. Thanks for reading, Am now tempted to visit Samarkand