Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Reminiscing Birthdays


Home made treats
For most of us, birthdays are special events regardless of the age at which they are being celebrated. As the years keep rolling on when I look back, I see how every passing year has been more exciting than the previous one. As a child, being the eldest of the other two siblings, I remember, it used to be a solemn occasion, but always an eventful one. The main reason being during the school and college going years it invariably fell in the midst of summer vacation. I never got a chance to invite any friends as invariably all my relatives and cousins showed up on the day. Invariably my grandparents also were around most of the time to bless me. The day would start with a breakfast comprising ' sooji halwa' and homemade pakoras or samosas, both my favourites. A simple 'tika'  ceremony with coconut and fruits along with some small gifts followed by kneeling before the almighty to thank for everything.

With parents and daughter in Pune 

As the day progressed the cousins would show up a few for lunch, others for the evening tea, with no prior information, so my parents would work overtime to prepare delicacies at home depending on the hour They would be giving us company. I do not remember any complaints either from my parents for making arrangements 'on the fly ' or my relatives who would pitch in if any help was needed. 
At Cinque Terre Italy-2017
The festivities would go on into the evenings and some of the late arrivals would show up for dinner, I wouldn't be wrong if the count of those who showed up exceeded fifty by the end of the day. We lived in a small one-room flat with just basic facilities but somehow the space seemed to expand on that day to accommodate them in every inch of the house. 
In the hotel room Zurich 2010
Even after my college days, when I had joined the Navy, though we had shifted our house the routine on the birthday rarely differed if I was around. After my marriage, I was posted in Delhi, my hometown and my wife initially was shocked to see the impromptu celebration with the entire household and adding more colour to the party by baking some lovely cakes, which gave a tinge of the West to an otherwise 'desi' event. My daughter who arrived two years later seemed to enjoy all the attention that would now make her a bigger draw!
At Jamie Oliver Restaurant Cambridge UK 2018
I was fortunate to move in the corporate world immediately after my stint in the Navy and as luck would have it every year I would be in a different location celebrating my birthday. One of my company colleagues was married to a girl whose birthday coincided with mine. He too did more stints abroad than his entire work time in India. On every birthday even to this day, he does not forget to wish me regardless of where I am and we exchange notes regarding our locations. I have a German friend who I met on one of the Blogger meets who happens to be a 'birthday twin'. So I have more people who share this day with me. The old traditions of cooking at home with lots of love and attention are being now carried forward by my wife and daughter who do not leave any stone unturned without making the day special by preparing the choicest home-cooked dishes and also outing indulgences. I am grateful to the god who has given me more company with every passing year and even as of now, while working with children in different NGOs I find that celebrating the special day with these special children adds more joy as the time rolls on.

PS- A sincere gratitude to all for a life lived well


  1. Such a beautiful and from the heart blog. Wishing you more joys and celebrations year after year. God bless you 🙏 Happy Birthday Sir🎂

  2. A huge thanks for your beautiful comment ma'am. Gratitude for visiting my blog.