Friday, May 8, 2009

Election's day- 7 May

It was a relatively less hot day on this May morning in Delhi as I woke up. I remembered , it was the day of general elections and the company had granted a holiday for us to cast our vote. I had been reading the news of the politcal parties love / hate relationships with disdain for last few days. The current set of leaders were all 'a dissapointing lot ' with coming to power at any cost , as their sole objective. There are no real agendas and most frivilous things made news where as the one's which mattered in day to day life never featured on the list of priorities. The issues of rising population, shrinking infrastructure in cities, improving economic conditions for lowest strata of society, more jobs, etc were just skirted. Every leader is only keen to upset the apple cart of the rival.Mulayam wants alliance with one who can throw out Maya, CPI keeps talking of post election alliance with Congress as a possibility after quitting UPA alliance over signing of N deal , BJP touting security concerns and reducing income tax structure being a few current issues. I cleaned the car and was relieved to see that there was almost no traffic on roads and all vehicles were neatly parked in our colony. I along with my wife and father enthusiasticlly headed for poll booth in the vicinity. Lucking, our names were on the list and after obtaining our slips we walked to the booth. There were commandos and police giving a sense of security. The queue was not a long one but the election officer was too slow. A person behind me in the queue was constantly complaining of the extra few minutes he was being made to wait due to inefficiency of the duty personnel.I had half a mind to tell him that he had been given a day off so obviously no heavens will fall if ahe waited a few more minutes, patiently.The votes being cast, I felt jubiliant of having excersised the franchise, considering how fortunate am I not to be born in a neighbouring country where pitched battles are being faught with Taliban and Army in Pakistan, Tamil rebels under fire in Srilanka and military crisis in Nepal

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