Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monsoon Shower

The monsoon has finally arrived in Delhi and NOIDA! It has been a long wait spending time in wiping sweat on the sultry days. A gust of cold wind accompanied by a spray of shower is a welcome relief. I had to forgo the morning walk as it was not raining enough to get drenched and there is no fun in going out in rain , till you are soaked to skin! A prolonged session of yoga was a better choice, while a wiff of cold spray gently kissed the pores of the parched skin. Under the shelter of an umbrella, I walked through the small puddles of water to catch my office cab. En route while passing through the roads if was fun to see the buses and vehicles splash the water as they tore through the busy streets. Near Mahipalpur, a peacock opened its feathers in all the glory and danced as it looked skywards. What a lovely sight, it was...I was reminded of childhood days when we lived in Sarojini nagar and there were only a few government flats and a small village across the road adjacent to Nauroji Nagar. Next to our house was a children park where peacocks would descend from the village and dance in gay abandon in such weather. With a maze of concrete which has grown all around such sights are now only a dream and no longer a reality.

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