Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Egyptian Revolution

This world is full of megalomaniacs and it has remained unchanged since times immemorial. Egypt is a classic case of late. Hosni Mubarak remains defiant and even at the ripe age of 82 is unwilling to abdicate power. The young people are getting restless with passing of each day as they silently protest on the streets of Tahrir Square. Watching the pictures directly transmitted by satellite TV in the living room are very disconcerting. They are now on the street for almost a week, hoping some sense will prevail. I remember the time I was in Cairo with my family and the streets now filled with angry protesters were full of revelers. In the evening the streets were full of merry makers and their laughter. The whiff of jasmine flowers, in flower necklaces sold by flower sellers filled the air. Gusts of cool breeze from serene flowing Nile and boats cruising added to the festive spirit. The Egyptian Museum and Sadat metro station are just at a stone's throw. I was also reminded of the mummies we had seen earlier in the Egyptian Museum. It has one of the best archeological , papyrus scrolls and many other collections reminding the world of the great contribution of Egypt to the world.

The silent non violent protest will hopefully usher in a revolution and get rid of power brokers who desperately cling to power without making a meaningful contribution.

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