Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best things are Free

Best things in the world are free. I am sure you would wonder if I have gone nuts or this is some kind of a joke. But honestly, I believe this.

Many years ago, I had gone for training to Jamnagar whilst serving in the Navy. My wife and young daughter who was around two years old that time, accompanied me. We were staying in the mess which had one bedroom and overlooked the salt pans! There was a huge expanse of sea from where the water entered into small crevices and was left to dry for making salt! It was winter time so flamingos and some rare birds descended on the place to make it a spectacle which was feast for eyes.

Early morning, a calm wind would blow and make ripples on water as the golden rays of first sunshine cast a magic spell on the azure water that changed color. The chirping of birds and ruffle of leaves of distant palm trees were the only sound. Flamingos in meditative posture, standing on one leg with eyes closed and a crabs crawling back to the holes in sand with the approaching feet added to the bounty. I would spend at least half an hour to admire the scene. All of this for free!

A fellow Nigerian officer, who was also on training stayed in the adjacent room and could speaking English haltingly, would spend hours with my daughter. I used to wonder that without speaking many words and just a few gestures she played with him and communication and language barriers never existed. He was missing his six children whom he had left behind home! Again the best feeling in the world of exchanging love all for free…

As the time went by the realization of the freebies around us which we take for granted has became more pronounced. The fresh air, the heat of sun in winter, looking at the smile of a child, the freshness of walking in rain, strolling on the dew laden green grass, aroma of flowers , everything is free…..

On the other hand for all creations of pleasure made by man cost money and is non enduring. We don’t pay a dime for the natural pleasures but for everything else we need a Master card!


  1. You wrote it so beautifully that I could picture those moments...Seriously, best things in life are free...

  2. I loved how you described the scene.

    Money can buy you comfort but happiness doesn't cost a thing.

  3. @ Saru -Thanks Saru!Mother nature is full of surprizes. We just need to appreciate it.
    @Purba- Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...Thanks!!