Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hand in Hand

When I see the morning sun rise in east
It becomes mesmerizing, holding your hand
When I tread along the uncharted path
It becomes path to success, holding your hand
When I climb the mountains high
It turns to a pleasant journey, holding your hand
When I cross the sea in high tides
It turns to a placid glide, holding your hand
When I see the moon rise with glittering stars
It becomes a magical journey, holding your hand


  1. A touch, a hold that does wonders...Beautifully penned and the new look of the blog is very nice. :)


  2. Pyaar, pyaar, pyaar.
    I'm speechless. :)

  3. This poem is absolutely beautiful and so heartfelt ~ thank you for sharing :)

    I'm still hesitant to switch to the new look but I will say that it looks REALLY good on you!

    Thanks for your visit and the follow ~ I can't see where I follow back on the new look here? Please let me know because I don't want to miss your posts :)


  4. aww Rahul ji :)

    sometimes all we need is to hold a hand...

  5. "tum jo pakad lo haath mera..
    duniya badal sakta hun main..."

    yehi kehna chahte the na... !! :)

  6. @ Saru- A touch or hold can surely be a panacea for many ills!
    @Aasiya- Pyar hi pyar thanks...
    @Lady Fiona- I am honored. You may kindly add the link of my blog through your 'Dashboard' add link option
    @Serendipity- Very happy that you liked it!
    @Chintan- Yes holding hand is a great support
    @Kunal-Ek dum theek samjha...Thanks

  7. @Rahul ~ Thanks for the info. I didn't know you could add via the dashboard! :)

  8. Rahul- Thank you for your kind comments!