Monday, October 31, 2011

A Brave New World

Cars in the fast tracks thundering past at scorching speeds of 325 km/ hr and a smell of burning tyres sending the crowds in frenzy at Budh Circuit  in Greater Noida! A rock concert by Metallica scheduled in the Millennium city of Gurgaon goes kaput due mismanagement. The crowds go berserk and rampage the venue.

The very next day the concert by Metallica is staged in Bangalore, the IT hub of the world demonstrating once again the professionalism wins! Whether preparing a delectable dosa, or making software for the world or organizing any event, a thoughtful preparation and execution can make all the difference. The city kept a date with a new metro as well!

We are now truly global citizens and just by clicking the remote of TV, are inundated with news across the world, the reality shows, and the political circus being enacted in India or Brazil to get rid of the corruption! A young man hailing from remote Motihari village is making waves by winning 50 million rupees in KBC (equivalent of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’!) Life has become so fascinating in merely last two decades!

One may visit the theatre to catch up with Shah Rukh Khan’s 3D colossal flick ‘Ra-One’, or quietly sip coffee in the sofa at home and watch Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in action in ‘The Tourist’. Gone are the days when one needs to wait for a movie once a week on the TV. We are spoilt for choices to watch the latest sitcoms, talk shows, travel shows et al.

Children discuss their school homework on FB, while the parents are tweeting about their bosses and office scandals! Indian housewives are discussing preparation of Tortillas and Kim chi instead of latest recipe of ‘Dhokla!

All this, while the nature behaves rather unpredictably! One wonders what happens to so much money sunk to predict the weather, when even countries like USA sail in the same boat as Thailand. Two million homes went without electricity in the city - yes NYC! After a severe snow storm lashed the city. The same day boats plied in Bangkok city due swollen Chao Praya river! The Don Muang airport in the city was closed due water logging of the runways and no flights could take off or land!

Welcome to the Brave New World! The world is changing and so is nature around us! This reminds me of Shakespeare's famous lines from 'The Tempest'

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world!
That has such people in it!


  1. well said Sir....The World is changing... nice one..

  2. And its the people in this very world who have create such a state of discomfort, and an eerie organized chaos if I could say. :) BTW the tourist had Johnny Depp, sir.. and I was vigorously nodding my head when you said **Children discuss their school homework on FB, while the parents are tweeting about their bosses and office scandals.
    Sometimes I'd wonder about how beneficial and mandatory the changes have been.. and then again, some of these changes have only destroyed us. Turned us into selfish, oblivious-to-the-world individuals.

  3. Sir..I watched..F1 from thousands of Km away on cable here in Zurich..and from what I looked fabulous!

    Pity about Mettalica show in Gurgaon..

    I think The Tourist has Johnny Depp :P

    Many challenges..and Many triumphs..Brave New World! :)

  4. World is definitely changing and that too very fast! And, love the signing quotes...

  5. Well written.. We wonder just how this will end.
    And, we are really spoiled up here in north too!
    Have a happy evening:-)

  6. Very beautifully written and appropriate post for this present scenario. World is changing very rapidly in every second and we all have to walk in same pace.

  7. Change is not always for the better. We now live in a society that seems to suffer from ADD :)

    Too many choices on our 'menu of life' and they still can't satiate the boredom of our children. I definitely think less is more, sometimes ...

    Great post, Rahul, and very well written! I also enjoyed the addition of Shakespeare's quotes!

  8. nice post.. its true enough, the world is changing becoming more technological and innovative, sometimes people tend to forget that we need to interact personally to grow and become mature in the right way... love your blog... kissess!!!

  9. rahul ji, :) this post made me smile....first, i love bangalore and the fact that metallica performed in bangalore...they performed in the same place where i attended bryan adams concert back in 2004....and it was a blessing :)

    times have changed so much...and kids do discuss the homeworks on facebook :) how so funny...:)


  10. We are truly global citizens. Rahul. Else how are we connecting with other people and not just bloggers and writers from all over the world :)

  11. the last few lines reminded me of 2012 doomsday :)

    certainly India s changing... the world is changing..

    Not sure if it is for better or for the worse

  12. Time changes with technological changes too..

    The world is changing. We know it. Yet, we do nothing.

    Nice post :)

  13. @Kaleiselvi- Thanks Kalai for liking!
    @Crystal- Thanks for pointing out that 'The Tourist' had Johnny Depp!I agree we have become more selfish with the advent of new things!!
    @Kunal- This is the best part of the technology which has made us conquer the distance and one can see what happens in the remotest part of the word in one's own drawing room!
    @Saru- The rapid pace of change leaves one breathless at times!Thanks for liking a sprinkle of literary end!
    @Spiderdama- The fact that sitting in different parts of the world and experiencing similar things makes it a global world! Thanks
    @Babli-Well said! We agree that changes are sweeping this world at a very fast pace!
    @Cloudia- Thanks!Welcome back to my blog..
    @Lady Fiona- I agree with you sometimes less is more!This reminds me of Charles Dickens classic'Oliver' when Oliver gets a spanking from Fagin for 'asking for more'
    @ Dina Vanessa Mercado- Felt so happy on reading your statement that we need to interact personally to grow and learn from each other!Thank You...
    @The BB- Chintan- Bangalore is such a lovely city that time spent there brings back the happiest memories for me too!!Am happy that this blog brought a smile ...:)
    @ Rachna- Yes absolutely true!Otherwise, there was no way of this kind of interaction!
    @ Sourabh- Welcome to my blog and thanks for following! You made my day.
    @PhilO- There is little we can do except flow with the stream of 'change' and retain/ hold things which we treasure

  14. You're right. The world is changing so rapidly. And while we enjoy the changes, we also wish for simpler times. The eternal struggle!