Monday, October 17, 2011

Catch a Falling Star!

Two things happened yesterday which prompted me to write this blog. I read a blog on Anonymity and also there was a pleasant surprise in form of being awarded ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award by Lady Fiona.

Years ago when I was a small kid I was given Two rupees by my mother and she asked me what I would like to buy. I went to a book store and purchased ‘The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat’ by Enid Blyton which costed me a princely sum of Rs 2/ 25p. Month after month I kept purchasing books by Enid Blyton or borrowed these from the public library. I would be transported to a whole new world and wished that one day I too could write like her. That was my first brush with the literary world.

Yesterday, I completed a two months journey in the blogosphere. I feel the same excitement today as I had in my childhood when I got addicted to Enid Blyton, Capt WE Johns( of Biggles fame!) and Frank Richards( who created the legendary Billy Bunter!).

Every day I come across the glitterati of the weblog like, Purba Dey, Saru Singhal, Alka Gurha, Subranil, Lady Fiona, and Chintan Gupta that leave me with a feeling of admiration for their style of writing. There are likes of Maitreyee, Rachna Chhabria, Suruchi Arora, and Zuzana who are an authority on what they write. There are some young contributors like Jyoti Mishra,  Rosette Princess( just 14 year old!), Red Handed and Dimitri Das who are shining bright. I find even some of the fashion, travel, cookery, photo and other blogs pretty interesting.

Coming back to the subject of anonymity in contributing, I feel, we like to come out on one of the darker aspect of our lives which we fear if gets known, may not be in our interest, by revealing the identity. The world has so much of happiness around so why focus on the negativity and darkness at least while sharing with the rest of the world. What you write should leave the reader smiling and in a happier state of mind. To bring out skeletons from the cupboard or ruffle some feathers we have our daily newspapers which has all the fodder right from page one to page sixteen in form of news of corruption, plunder, rape, mayhem,murder and even more gory things!

I wish to acknowledge my deep gratitude to all those readers who take time off from their busy schedules to spend some time reading my blog and leaving their comments to enable improving myself. My stepping in the blog world is akin to the realizing a dream of  ‘Catch a falling star, and put it in the pocket and never let it fade away’!


  1. i see posts written way back in 2009...has there been a kand of rebirth to your blof life? definitely now you blog more often :)...congrats for 2 months...
    i totally agree that if we have to write we should write things that makes people already has too many negatives...why increase it further :)

    great post...

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  2. Enid Blyton et al. You reminded me of the good old days.
    And I know the excitement one feels as they grow older. It never fades.
    And aye, congratulations :) A lot many more months to come, Inshallah!

  3. awww thanks alot for mentioning me too :)
    Your blog is really great
    Thanx for following even!

  4. Congrats on your Journey Ji. Glad you bumped into my blog and I discovered your place. My best wishes! :)

    Life's like that

  5. it's a lovely post..
    awesome way to thank the fellow bloggers..
    keep it up :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  6. Rahul ji, I used to buy pens and pencils :D And since dad has whole library at his dispense I picked and read whatever I could. I am not well read when it comes to big authors, I feel a bit sad about that. I have been thinking may be I should, but then I end up reading on behavior psychologies...

    Thank you so much for the mention, it makes my day whenever you say something nice....

    Many congratulations for the award....

    And yeah, my grandpa told once, he got 2 paisa as pocket money when he was in school..he purchased Bhagwad Gita :)

  7. I love book:) In fact, I love writers, I'm fascinated by their style of writing. I have read each and every book of many authors. A very beautiful post on completing 2 months...:) :) :)
    And, thanks for putting picture with your name:)

  8. Loved the last line and the title of this post!

  9. @Sub- Excellent Observation! I tried a hand during that time but my work was extremely challenging so I gave up midway!May god shower blessings on arrival of stork!
    @Crystal- The childhood days are always the best and those memories stay forever
    @Rosette Princess-I learnt about your blog from Lady Fiona and was truly impressed with your writing!May you conquer great heights!
    @Sharan-I thank you again as I firmly believe that getting a remark from a reader is the best award!
    @Chintan-We all have lived through similar things and it feels so nice when you learn from other's experiences and relate them with your own!Your love for every subject under the sun more than makes up for missing out on a few reads!Also, you are most outspoken in good way, a trait which most of us lack!
    @Saru- Your love of books and different authors is reflected in your passionate writing and you will certainly go a long way!Very few people write with your depth!Also, am happy now there is no mix up in my name after heeding your suggestion! The title of this write up was from a beautiful song which I used to ear as a kid!Thanks for liking

  10. It was such a *joy* to read this, Rahul!! Happy 2 month blogging anniversary! I love how you are viewing this journey through eyes of an excited child!

    I especially love how the title of your post was part of a quotation (song lyric) that you chose to finish off as an ending thought ~ beautiful!!

    I agree with you about spreading positive thoughts because our everyday environment is filled with so many things that can devour optimism.

    Thank you for mentioning so many here, including myself :) I feel very blessed to have met you here and I wish you continued joy in your life and journey here on Blogger :)

  11. It feels great to look back n analyze how much u have evolved... this platform is great... u meet numerous people grossly unrelated, yet sharing a bond.

    congratulations on completing 2 months... I always appreciate your feedback :) n thanks for mentioning me here !!

  12. Title... it was a center of attraction... I couldn't restrain myself for keeping it in my unread list :P

  13. And I am following your blog sir.. Some of your posts are genuinely b'ful!

  14. I always end up with a smile when i read what you write(plus the cricket touch as well)

  15. Congratulations rahulji for completing 2 months successfully in blogosphere.....

  16. Hi Rahul...Happy Second Month Anniversary. It doesn't look like you are just two months old in Blogosphere. You sound like a pro. I always enjoy reading your posts.

  17. I love books too.., I have to own them:-)
    I like this you write:
    "What you write should leave the reader smiling and in a happier state of mind"
    Well, I am smiling after reading this:-)
    Happy evening to you and grats with 2 mnts!

  18. I never developed interest in reading stuff until i came across various blogs and now i am loving it.
    Congratulations for completing a two months journey in the blogosphere..
    keep writing :)
    Take care !

  19. @Lady Fiona- The feeling is mutual as I to feel blessed to have come across your wonderful blog. A big thanks for alll those nice words
    @ Jyoti- The unseen bond woven by reading blogs is amazing!Thanks for your appreciation.
    @Crystal- You made my day with those nice words and thanks for following!
    @ Ashish- I need to run faster like in cricket, having set the goal to write better
    @Trupty- Thanks a lot!
    @ Rachna- I am still steering on the uncharted road of blogs and enjoying this ride!Thanks for your compliment and I treasure it!
    @ Spiderdama- I am happy that I managed to bring that smile! Thanks a lot.
    @ Reicha- It is good to know that you like to read blogs and enjoy them. It is like an addiction which grows as one reads more..Thank you for your best wishes

  20. perfect last line dude ,gr8 blog and photos bdw come thru my fashion blog n lets folloW Each other like twitter .

    C h u c h u - c h u l a l a . b l o g s p o t . c om

  21. Thank you Tazeen! That song is very nice...

  22. Happy 2nd Anniversary Rahul, first time on your blog and already I like what I see. I hope you catch that falling star, put it in your pocket, and never let it go. All the best!