Friday, October 14, 2011

Hug Me Tight!

The beautiful, petite, bride was draped in a shimmering white wedding gown with a small veil of white net covering the eyes. She had a white hat with a lovely rose adorned on it! A tuft of blond hair peeked from the hat and gently swayed in the wind. The groom wore a black suit. His tall, lanky figure was bent on her! They must have been married just a couple of hours ago and were locked in an embrace oblivious of the world around them! We watched from a distance under a an old willow tree on the side of which was a placard which read’ Hug Me Tight, hold me, touch me and feel me!’ It was as if the love was in the air all around!! The time stood still and it was a moment of ecstasy. There were more trees on which there were similar hoardings. No where in the world have I seen so much of love for nature! There were beautiful walking paths lined with flowers of multiple hues and lush green grass as far as eyes could see. In addition to the trees and plant life we spotted a variety of wildlife including ibis's, cockatoos and fruit bats hanging high up in some trees. There are ornamental ponds, an outdoor swimming pool , quaint little bridges and a cafĂ©. A path leads to a viewing platform 100m south of Mrs Macquaries Chair which has binoculars to enjoy the spectacular views.

We were at The Royal Botanic Gardens which are adjacent to the Sydney Opera House and framed by beautiful Sydney Harbor. There is a 30-hectare oasis of calm right in the heart of the city. One does not need to spend a significant time in the gardens to appreciate them. It is ideal for brief escapes from the city or as alternative routes to and from the harbor side to the shopping areas in the city. At a distance one can see some adventurous people wearing a harness and engaged in a walk atop the tall edifice of The Sydney Harbor Bridge which has a steady stream of vehicles and an occasional train passing over it.

I have learned to admire all the bounty of the nature even more now since the visit to this nature’s paradise! I see the creeper from the garden of my neighbor’s house silently slide over the wall into my garden as if the pink flowers have come to say ‘hello’ to the huge hibiscus tree on which the red flowers frolic. Two robins quietly descend and are chattering continuously in their exchange of love! I walk up to the marigold and the roses and touch them softly. The money plant has spread and is seeking attention as I clean the leaves of the basil plant. The walk on the dew laden grass is refreshing. I look up towards the sky to see the skylarks flying in a ‘V’ formation in a mute portrayal of the victory of Mother Nature! All we need is some time to pause and admire this beauty all around us.

                                                   Royal Botanical Garden- Sydney


  1. Hi, Rahul :) Will return tomorrow to read this . . . in the meantime,

    Congrats!! :)
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  2. Beauty of nature is just adorable :)
    could not take my eyes off :)

    its me!!! sharan :)

  3. Words and images beautifully woven...and the syntax so adorable! Reached here from Fiona's blog! Glad to have come here...good writings!

    Thanks for visiting my blog once and leaving in a congrats there:-)

  4. Beautifully written... The beauty of nature is something that is cherished by every one alike...

  5. Such a lovely, visual post dear Rahul, beautifully and sensitively written. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the Royal Botanic Gardens, it is a lovely place to visit and explore and nice to find someone who appreciates the beauty of Nature and flowers.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Magical...:) writing anything else will spoil it's beauty:)

  7. Beautiful description ...I could feel the place.

  8. its really cool 2 visit ur blog...
    felt as if i was watching everything...

    Thank u 4 ur wonderful visit to my blog & dat lovely comment....

  9. Amen! God's creation is most defiantly beautiful!

    God bless and have a great weekend! :-)

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  11. "All we need is some time to pause and admire this beauty all around us"

    This is so true, Rahul, and what a beautiful post! I especially loved the last paragraph and not just for it's gorgeous imagery, but mostly because the Botanical Gardens allowed you to experience the *gift of nature* in a way that has opened your eyes forever :)

    P.S. ~ It was such a pleasure for me to give the award to you ~ so well deserved! Keep up the good work! Lovely photo here too! :)

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  13. Beauty of nature..
    serene n peaceful ... A great writing... really loved it !!

  14. Lovely post, Rahul!

    Thank you for the visit.

  15. After checking out Mayank's photos of sydney streets and now reading this, I feel I should have Sydney on my to-visit list as well....


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  17. I felt the sheer beauty of Nature in your post. So beautifully written and well said that we need to pause and admire the beauty around us.

    Life's like that

  18. Thank you Anand for the lovely comments!