Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Strange Twins

It's said that twins are always akin,
  Neil & Nikki had a matching skin
 Even the blue color of eyes was akin
      He was strong, she frail n thin
 This is where dissimilarity begins
He ate like a hog, she survived on skins
 She persevered while he easily gave in
      They were the most  unusual twins


  1. Ahhh! Intriguing.
    Read "A River" by Ramanujan. It has a rather good reference to twins.

  2. I have heard that, in most of the cases twins act opposite.

    PS: perhaps i could not understand what you are trying to say, i am weak at deciphering poetry :(

  3. Very descriptive however I felt there should have been more. :D

  4. Quite an interesting and playful narration...Enjoyed it...


  5. My x Boy friend was a twin... so I guess I have an idea ;) ;)
    and trust me.... twins are totally different... :P

  6. I Have heard that when one twin has fever the other one gets it too!! But I dont know how true it is...
    Nice poetry, well written.

  7. @Crystal- Will try to read the book mentioned by you!
    @Sharan- You have read it that makes me feel happy!
    @Aasiyah- I find your analysis so good that it makes me work harder to improve!
    @Saru-Thank You for your appreciation!
    @Madhulika- So my figment of imagination is true!! Thanks a lot
    @Arti- Thanks, Arti for liking .I too heard the same...

  8. because literature does not only state what also liberates... it offers something you've never seen before, or felt before.

    i can describe lovers and friends, but why? that is the question. :)

    but i should say the description is good na.

  9. Hello,Rahul.
    Thank you for visitting Green Tomato and leaving a kind comment.I have not been to India. But my brother frequently visited your country on his business. He loved Myanmar and India very much.
    Red rose.

  10. never read a twin poem :D

    i like this rahul ji, is it about your children?

  11. @ Aasiyah- Thanks again !Await your narration of friends n lovers.
    @Red Rose- Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! Am touched with your comment of your brother's love for India. You too must visit sometime!
    @Chintan-The BB- Thanks for liking! What a cute question!! I have only a daughter and no twins :):)

  12. first ever read an intrigued poem about twins... nice read

  13. Good poem! Some twins are very similar - others are as opposite as possible.

  14. @Ladyfi-Thanks for visiting my blog and liking the poem!

  15. wow! this is different! fabulous one..:)

  16. wow! this is different! fabulous one..:)