Friday, November 4, 2011

Chocolates & Cheese

We bid goodbye to our lovely host Ursula, thanking her for our enjoyable stay at Interlaken and pushed our luggage across the street to Interlaken West station. As we entered the station, a train for Bern left!! There were hardly half a dozen passengers and the weather was very pleasant with a nip in the air. One person with cleaning gear was busy cleaning the station, which was already sparkling clean! It is no surprise that the entire country looks so well kept!

The next train rolled in half an hour. It passed through the beautiful towns of Speinz and Thun before reaching Bern in just 45 minutes. The station at Bern was a very busy one, with scores of trains to different destinations from its 24 platforms. 

Oodles of Chocolates and Cheese are the best food fantasy I can think of! I am yet to come across anyone who does not like them! To see heaps of them and that too in making and not stacked in a food mall is an experience to die for. I was about to fulfill a long cherished dream to visit the Cheese and Chocolate factories! What could one ask more, than to see the Cheese making at La Gruyere and chocolates at Broc in Switzerland!

At Bern we hopped on a train to Fribourg. The journey to Fribourg was a short one lasting 25 minutes through the farmlands. The place is famous for immense quality of milk production and Cartier watch production facility.

A direct bus from the Fribourg station took us to Bulle. It was a short ride through the country side. At Bulle, we boarded a small two bogie train to Gruyere which took just 7 minutes to the destination La Gruyere. The cheese production facility and restaurant are just across the station.

After purchasing the tickets we picked up the Dictaphones which take through the history of cheese making with all statistical details as one walks along the guided tour of the factory. A cow called ‘Cherry’ does the narration of the story of making of cheese.One learns through this novel experience of how Swiss revere the cows. A lovely meal of  ‘fondue’ and french fries followed.

  We took a train back to Bulle where we changed to board yet another one to Broc. The small toy train is painted in dark chocolate color. Broc is the home of Nestle/ Callier, the world leaders in chocolate making. The location of the factory in salubrious surrounding fully justifies the great products produced here. As the train enters the tiny Broc station, a huge hoarding of ‘Callier’ looms large.

  There were scores of visitors including many school children who had come to visit from all over. Very methodically, the reception desk officials segregate the visitors to form groups in languages spoken for the guided tour. One can see a 9 minute film about the history of the factory. The guided tour takes one through the audio visual show and story of cocoa, the bean; it’s sourcing to modern day process in the manufacture of chocolates. It is a 20 min encapsulation of narrative and audio/ visual experience as one goes through a conducted tour. The aroma of cocoa beans is omnipresent and the sight of different nuts that go in making of chocolates is a huge temptation! Finally, one can see the fresh chocolates popping out of the machine, offered for sampling. A surprise treat waits in form of many different varieties of chocolate to eat to heart content as a ‘grand finale’. It was like a dream coming true and gross indulgence!
It was a memorable day as we returned back by retracing the same route via Bulle, Fribourg to Bern, finally. 

 La Gruyere- Cheese factory

 Callier/Nestle  Chocolate Factory at Broc
Mouth Watering chocolates rolling out from the plant 


  1. I can't stay without eating chocolates and cheese :D

    @ your comment: I was thinking of naming it 'Family Bonds' too :D

  2. Yummy post. I absolutely adore chocolate and cheese. Hope you had a fantastic time in Switzerland!

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  5. Chocolates and cheese are my favorites. I envy you this Switzerland trip. Its my Dream Destination.

    Regarding the poem Dreamgirl..its wonderful. You have an amazing way with words, Rahul.

  6. Rahul ji, this post had a hint of smile to it :) Like how you adored and cherish the experience, I can imagine because I love cheese and chocolates too....

  7. Awesome post and you too.

  8. This is like " Charlie and the chocolate factory". Unfortunately I do not like chocolates but I love cheese! Interesting descriptions. HOpe you had a nice trip.

  9. Who doesnt like chocolates? To hear about making them by itself would have tempted you

  10. Lovely lovely chocolate! (I'm less fond of cheese though.)

  11. @PhilO- Thanks for liking! Your write up was very touching!
    @ Ash- Thanks! Switzerland is a dream destination!
    @ Rachna- I treasure your remarks!Hope you are able to make it to Switzerland soon... it is just amazing!
    @ The BB- So happy you liked this one!I know Dream girl brought a bigger smile than the poor Cheese n Chocolate ;)
    @ Kalai- Thanks D:
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    @ Meera- Thank you Meera for visiting my blog and liking!
    @Insignia- It wads great fun! The temptation is too difficult to resist
    @ LadyFi-Thanks for your kind words!

  12. what a wonderful trip you had.. soo love cheese and chocolates!!!! its nice that you get the chance to travel and visit different places, its fun and a learning experience too... lovely pictures!!!! kissess!!!!!

  13. I've got something for you :) Check out my blog :)

  14. This is really a yummy write up Rahulji ....with chocolates and cheese ..i believe you must have enjoyed your
    Switzerland trip :-)

  15. Well, I tell you, I do not eat chockolade:-)
    But, cheese is very good!
    Hope you have a nice weekend

  16. It was a yummy write up. Nice pics :)

  17. WOW. YUM YUM YUM! My mouth is watering. Even I wanna go to the factories.

  18. @Dina vanessa mercado- Thank you very much for your sweet comment!
    @Philo- So sweet of you for bestowing this honor!!You have a great blog
    @ Trupty- Thanks for your nice comment. Switzerland is a great place to visit..
    @ Spiderdama- Thanks a lot! Hope you had a nice weekend too..
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    @Megha- Ha Ha.. thanks a lot for such sweet comments. Hope you visit Switzerland soon... Your blog is very nice !!

  19. I missed Bern on my trip to Switzerland way back in 2005. Heard it's a really beautiful city.

  20. Wonderful write up with mouth watering pictures of chocolates. Very beautifully written and I enjoyed reading your post very much.

  21. @Purba- Bern is a lovely city with so much to it! Recommend another trip ...:)
    @ Babli- I am glad you like the write up and the pictures. Thanks for your kind appreciation.

  22. Good account and my mouth is watering.

  23. Rachna, am so happy that you could flavor this!