Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Soldier's Wife

Draped white, she stood in silence
          As an emptiness crept along
Her upright gait and firmness
     Proved all the onlookers wrong
She withstood her ground with calmness
   As she weathered the brewing storm
For she was wife of a brave soldier
         Who gave his life for a song?

PS- This poem is based on a true incident of a fellow pilot who lost his life in an air crash and lived in my neighborhood. This is a dedication in revere to all such brave wives who weather these unprecedented storms in their lives!


  1. WoW ~ a very beautiful and touching tribute to all the soldiers wives out there ... to know that this is born out of a personal story just magnifies the emotions!

    Brilliant poem, Rahul. You captured it all in so few lines that even rhyme! My hat is off to you, dear Sir! :)

  2. Very moving, Rahul.

    I think we sometimes forget the all those wives out there. Thank you for this post.

  3. Touching poem. My salute to all the soldiers and their family members...

    Arnab Majumdar

  4. Emotional tribute...Salute to all the soldiers and their families.

  5. nice one .... its tribute to all soldiers .like your blog

    thanks for visiting my blog :) ....
    new post is waiting for you . thank you

  6. Short yet so deep.
    A brave lady, I must say.

    Great post :)
    And thank you for such a sweet comment :)

  7. oh wow very hert just melted..thanks for dropping by my blog! kisses!

  8. Wow such a lovely poem
    Heart touching really....and i salute martyred wives and families its a great thing to move on!
    Great words

  9. Really well put together poem
    very touching :)

  10. dats wonderful sir... iam proud 2 say dat my father was an ex-servicemen...

    dis remains me of a story... two soldier friends participated in a war.. two were separated in the battlefield.. a bomb was blasted... one soldier thought to look for his buddy while other soldiers told that he must have died..

    he didn't care & went... under some shed he saw his friend was dying... he lifted him... his friend told him "i know u will come 4 me buddy" & died... when he returned, others told that we told u already...

    He said " my friend died on my lap"

    thanks 4 tolerating & letting me share dis Sir...

  11. Wow ! seriously a heart touching poem.
    Its an honor to be a wife of a valiant soldier and the way they continue their lives after their husband's death is always exemplary.
    Nice note sir :)

  12. A beautiful and touching poem of reverence for the wife of your friend who grieved with a calm dignity at the loss of her husband and all of the other wives who are left alone. A lovely thought dear Rahul.
    xoxoxo ♡

  13. This is really touching. It brings respect and proud for all soldier wives. God bless :)

  14. :(

    Rahul Ji, my heart goes out to war-widows/soldier-widows! Given that so many things are going against us in our own country, it takes a lot to stand firm.

    May god bless the soul...

    You have written a remarkable poem...


  15. Touching words to commemorate such a difficult experience!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Life Lessons, and leaving a comment. I appreciate your words of encouragement, and consider it a privilege to share the truths of God's Word. Have a blessed day!

  16. Touching poem! Really felt sweept by emotions while reading this...
    SALUTE to the bravehearts.

  17. Heart wrenching, life is difficult for the family of soldiers. You wrote a very touchy tribute. Respect to all those who make our lives secure...

  18. @Lady Fiona- Yes true... having seen them from close, I could see the pain..
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    @ Rosette Princess- Thanks a lot Javaria. I felt equally moved with your recent writing on a similar subject in thanking your soldiers
    @ Purvi- Welcome to my blog. I was so happy to see your talent through your blog..
    @ Kalaiselvi- Such a moving story... You know life for soldiers is very hard in very inhospitable places so they learn to be better humans when faced with difficult situations..
    @Reicha- Such a lovely remark... I treasure it
    @ Dianne- Thanks for your kind remarks. This is just a small way of sharing the pain of a fellow's family
    @ Shreya- Thanks a lot for those kind words
    @ The BB- Chintan- With your few words, you have said more than what I could ... Your feelings can be almost felt..
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    @Arti- Thanks for those beautiful words
    @Saru- Am grateful to you for such a sentimental pouring. Hope you have settled in NY and are liking the new place..

  19. Very touching! So sad and poignant.

  20. Absolutely marvellous and excellent poem. Very emotional and each and every lines are touching. Great tribute to all the brave soldiers.

  21. What a lovely tribute to the ones left behind.

  22. really sweet poem..touches the heart ..I am glad you liked my blog..thanks for stopping by :)

  23. we salute their bravery, and the passion for our nation .a heart touching poem

  24. very strong emotions expressed in above lines... A salute to him n all the soldiers who risk their lives for common ppl :)

    Kudos to them

    PS: Been away from blogosphere in past few days, hope u doing fine !!

  25. Thank you so much for your comment :) I have done a follow up of the story :)

  26. We cannot even begin to imagine the grief that the families of soldiers feel. A very touching tribute.


  27. @ Rachna- Welcome to my blog and so kind of you for those nice words!
    @ Babli- Coming from a poet like you, this is wonderful!
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  28. @Some Unspoken Words-Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and following too...You made my day! You write very well in a unique manner..

  29. I have two uncles in the army. There is fear and worry and also immense pride. These lines depict all that so beautifully :-)

  30. @ Antara- Welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts! Life in armed forces is hard and as long as people appreciate their contribution, it is the biggest reward!A big thanks for liking!

  31. Being an army officer's daughter, this is my biggest nightmare for my mom...
    You have explained it beautifully. Thank you for the dedication to the person who is left behind to face it...most people focus on the soldier.

  32. Jahnvi, I am glad that with your background you have empathized. It is the brave wives who make the difference in army man's life!