Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Ten Commandments

            If you had Two Extra Hours in a day how you would spend it

A late entrant to Indiblogger, I came across this lovely topic and it sent my head reeling! Two extra hours is what I now need to fulfill certain things I have longed to do. I am making this post a little different from the usual post. It will be in form of ‘The Ten Commandments’ along which I would like to use this valuable time granted to me by the kind courtesy of Surf Excel!

  1. I will get up in the morning early and go for the jog which I enjoyed for so many years to keep me in good state of health and enjoy the pristine rising sun from the east and hear the chatter of birds. I would love to feel the moist dew on the grass and the leaves and touch the flower buds.
  2. With the sunrise, the newspaper pops in bringing in a lot of disgusting news of the corruption scandals, robberies, rapes and accidents. I would prefer to use a few minutes from this precious time to meditate and connect with almighty! It brings about untold peace and serenity to a troubled mind

  3.  The cab ride to office is a boon to catch up with the reading. I am already blessed to use this time     in a discreet manner. Since, I leave early at 7AM from home, I do not witness the traffic snarls on way to Gurgaon, which becomes a madhouse with never ending woes of traffic and jams as the day progresses.
 4. A few minutes of luxury time available in the office is spent on exercising around in the corridors. This helps to avoid stiff neck and eye strain by remaining glued to computer screen for prolonged time.
 5.  On the way back from office, the time is spent in observing people on the roads, the new sign boards, and the arrival of new brands in the market place.
 6. A regular feature on returning home, is to go for a walk in a nearby stadium regardless of the weather to catch up with news at home front with my wife. This also gives an opportunity to say ‘hello’ to some acquaintances. The newbie indulging in funny exercises and innovative ways of walk and jog provide unending entertainment.
7. Now, I come to the most important commandment where the luxury of time can get me going for my childhood pursuits! Watching, programs on the TV for at least an hour of my old favorites like ‘Here’s Lucy’, ‘Tom and Jerry cartoons’, ‘Yes Minister’ et al. It could also be a short episode of old Charlie Chaplin shows, a movie like ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Where Eagles Dare’ etc but not exceeding an hour!

8. The day is now nearing an end and I still have a luxury of almost another half an hour. I would like to read something like ‘Lonely Planet’ magazine or ‘The Reader’s Digest

9. Talk to my daughter on the phone for a few minutes on Skype or Face time before hitting the sack!

 10. Roll over and sleep with sweet dreams of a wish to have another day to spend like wise!

Rigorous following of these commandments is my sincere wish to cleanse my body and soul with the extra two hours granted to me by Surf Excel!

  • PS- This blog entry has been written for submission to Indiblogger for the Surf Excel sponsored competition


  1. Superb Post :))) I don't know why I did not reach here before. Thanks for connecting to me.

  2. Great post Rahul ji. The ten commandents to happiness!! Loved the post. Best Wishes:)

  3. gr8 plans!
    I would take extra sleep!

  4. I need twenty four extra hours :) and you have a great list of tasks to be accomplished....reminds me, I need to go for a walk too... :)

  5. good list.
    all the best for the contest

  6. That's all a man needs. You listed a nice life everybody wants, what else do we need. These "Ten Commandments" are enough to live. :)

    Quote- Its truly said: As a better spent day brings good sleep, a better lived life brings peaceful death.

  7. I wish I can follow the routine I make for myself. BTW the cartoon talking on the phone is really cute.

    All the best Sir:)

  8. I also need 24 extra hours.. to spend in mountain and nature..
    You have great plans:-)

  9. @ A- Welcome to my blog and thanks for liking! I loved the picture on your blog!
    @ Arti-Thanks a lot for liking!
    @ AS- Nice one!Even I don't mind extra sleep sometimes!
    @ The BB-Chintan, With the amount of things and issues you like to remain involved with I am not surprised that additional 24 hours may still not suffice!
    @ Sujata- Thanks for liking and your best wishes!
    @ Shreya- Looks like we have a common list of likes!Thanks for your sweet comment!
    @ Saru- You apparently are highly organised already! Thanks for your nice remark on the cartoon!
    @ Spiderdama- Anyone with those kind of liking for outdoor activities will always find time scarce.. :(

  10. Brilliant post. Liked it very much. I would love to spend time in exploring new places as I always love to travel.
    You are welcome at my new post-

  11. wonderful post...enjoyed ur blog...keep it up

  12. Nice post, I like it so much!Amazing!

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    Take a look and if you like follow me, I’ll be waiting for you: Cosa mi metto???

  13. I was directed to your blog by a fellow blogger, Chintan :)
    This post...struck a chord in my heart, really. I'll try hard to follow your commandments, that way I won't need extra two hours, I'll find time in everybody's 24 hours to do what I'd do in two extra hours :)
    Great post sir, All the best for the contest :D

  14. u certainly got my the best for the contest..n m glad u liked my poetry its quite encouraging..

  15. Cool commandments! These small things every day add up to big smiles, satisfaction and happiness in life. Am sure you'll be able to accomplish all in the given 24 hours!
    All the very best for the contest! :)

  16. Great way to live and do the basic things in life in a disciplined manner :)

  17. Two more hours a day, a true luxury I guess and I like the way you woudl spend it. I like your choice of TV.;)) Very different and I like that.;)
    I think I woudl use my extra two hours on sleep, I know it is very boring but I am simply too tired these days.;))

  18. Tom and Jerry :D Nobody can ever grow out of cartoons :)
    Nice post :)

  19. Your commandments are a pure commitment to happiness! This post is really inspiring me to take care of my time in a different way!

  20. Good post.

    If we used our time more wisely we probably could get some extra worthwhile minutes out of it.

  21. A great list Rahul-Ji.. I wish I could do things perfectly this.. The 7th point, TV time was my favorite :)

    All the best for the contest :)

  22. Sir, thank you for visiting my blog. You have served our country by being in the Indian Navy. Must be a very proud feeling for you, isn't it? :)

    I loved the title of your post - The Ten Commandments - very impressive as well as intriguing! :)

    All the commandments are superb! The ninth one is my favourite... Makes me happy :)

    All the very best sir! :)

  23. @ Babli- Thanks. Your link was awesome!
    @ Ashok- Welcome to my blog! Thanks a lot for liking!
    @ Fabrizia- Thanks a lot for your visit to my blog and the nice comment!
    @ Achyuth- Am so happy for the follow! Chintan, writes so well and am elated that she gave you my link!A sincere thanks to both of you.
    @ Alka Narula- Welcome to my blog and am thankful for that lovely comment!
    @ Shilpa Garg-Thanks for that nice comment. Welcome to my blog!
    @ Purvi- Agree with you totally! Small bits of happiness accumulate to a big happy day!
    @ Zuzana- I know your recent shifting must have been very tiring! You managed to steal some time for my blog is very gratifying! Thanks a lot!
    @ Art- Thanks for liking and good to see you again!
    @ PhilO- Just love the cartoons! Thanks for your sweet comment.Will read the last bit of your suspense packed romantic story!
    @ Francesca R- Am flattered with that lovely comment! Thanks a ton!
    @ Lady Fi- So true!We need to consciously make best use of the time.
    @ Anand- Good to see you back! Am happy that you liked this one and the choice of TV programs tallies with your's :)
    @ Anukriti- Honestly, yours is one of the best blog I come across recently! Yes, life in the Navy was an adventurous one!Thanks for following my blog and liking the post:) You made my day!

  24. nice one Sir... Tom & Jerry is my all time favorite cartoon...

  25. Thanks Kala1! Almost everyone likes these adorable cartoons!

  26. What a beautiful way to spend the day....

  27. Thank You Janhvi! I would love to spend each day like this:)