Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Reverberation of Change

The cyclic changes of weather
  Keeps everyone confusing forever
The long spells of winter
  Prolong intense overbearing summer
The climatic changes are inane
   Driving many a poor farmers insane
A forever changing technology
  Keeps playing havoc with genealogy
A few million stand to gain
 Leaving muted billions watch in vain
Are all these a necessary alteration?
 What great impact of this reverberation!


  1. very true,, seems like we need to restrict our Activities and stop abusing the mother nature.

  2. Absolutely true, Rahul. I like this poem for its deeper meaning about the climatic changes happening all over. A poem on Global Warming is a wonderful thing :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by....
    I shudder to think what next generation will have to face after the present ones have destroyed it!

  4. I wish everyone would pay more attention to such a serious issue...Very well written.
    I own a blogging community,it will be a pleasure to have you with us.

  5. The Earth's heating up and it's filling our minds with dread.

  6. A reverberation of change, change is the only permanent thing in this world. Nice thought. :)

  7. Good question. Do we need all this? Or do we need to stop to mess up with mother nature?

  8. Very beautiful poem and the picture is appropriate. I liked each and every word of the poem which has deep meaning and truth.

  9. Very nice poem and very true. Thank you for sharing.

  10. we all can help it by making certain change in our lifestyle... but will that be enough?????

  11. The impact will be in the form of huge loss. We are making this planet more un-livable.

    You wrote the bitter truth in a very impacting way!

  12. @ Harman- Welcome to my blog!You said it! That is what is needed
    @ Rachna- Thanks for the appreciation! I feel sad the way mother nature is being plundered and abused.
    @ Savira Gupta- Welcome to my blog! I hope wise senses will prevail and people will preserve the nature for new generations!
    @ Alpana Jaiswal- Welcome, and thanks for the follow! I am honored.I would surely like to contribute to your blog community. Just share the details!
    @ Purba- Very true! I shudder to think of the consequences if this exploitation goes on unabated!
    @ Shreya- Bang on! Only a positive change should be welcome and any negative influence abhorred!
    @ Francesca R- I thin line needs to be drawn to maintain the delicate equilibrium!
    @ Babli- Thanks for liking and appreciating.
    @ Eden- At least your blog gives me a feel of staying connected with mother nature with beautiful pictures of flowers etc! Thanks!
    @ Purvi- The fact that you realize this, I am sure you will do your bit to preserve and more will follow..Such a sweet thought.. thanks!
    @ Saru- Thanks for the appreciation! I am a true lover of nature and somehow feel strongly on this subject!

  13. Wonderful poem dear Rahul, true the weather is causing concern all over the world.
    xoxoxo ♡

  14. Completely true.. we are killing our earth without knowing the fact that we are slowly killing the livelihood too...
    A bitter truth was nicely narrated!

  15. @ Dianne- Thanks a lot for liking this! Global warming is a serious concern.
    @ Anand- Everyone needs to realize that the clock is ticking and it is time to act to stop this sacrilege!Thanks!