Monday, November 21, 2011

Kid’s Say

 The evening sky was turning crimson as the flaming ball of red Sun was setting in the west. We were so fortunate to live at the airport in Goa for two years and the house was located at the end of the protruding land (peninsula) in the Arabian Sea. A morning jog and an evening walk along the long stretch of beach festooned with coconut groves was an idyllic combination to enjoy the solitude and cool breeze from the westerly direction. I was holding my three year old daughter’s hand and we both were crossing the road when she suddenly freed her hand and ran in the opposite direction! I was taken aback to see her run towards my Commanding officer, coming from opposite direction. He was a tall built, fair, bearded, lanky, devout Christian. He stopped and bent over and tapped her cheek.

‘Uncle, why did you tell the sailors, you loafers… why are your buttons open?’ she started her one way communication.

He looked aghast and my jaw fell open and even before I could explain, she continued with the blitz’ Yesterday when they were returning from the movie show at night, you had caught them’. She was almost unstoppable.

He looked at me and asked in an amused tone, ’How does she know all this? Who told her?’

I fumbled and told him that on the previous night when we were returning from the movie at the base theatre some sailors who were generally in an ebullient mood were walking in the middle of the road, when the jeep in which the Commanding Officer was traveling, screeched to a halt!

He called the two of them aside, who had kept the first two buttons of their uniform, shirt open! We were following just behind and stood by for a while to watch the proceedings! They were severely admonished for their offence.

I narrated the incident and told him, that she had overheard us discuss.

He laughed heartily and advised me to ‘Watch Out! As my little one could come out with something even more interesting in future’

I went red in face as I did not anticipate that I could land in an awkward position explaining what a young kid could suddenly come out with spelling some trouble for me!


  1. :) Kids can surprise and embarrass like anything... god knows what all they notice and think :) :)

  2. can get away with anything, it's the parents who get into a tight spot.

  3. oh, oh...I fear this moment you know? My son is 2 years old and he is really smart, so i expect these embarassing moments soon....

  4. I don't have kids, but I've seen this episode play so many times in other peoples lives.

  5. Hahaha! This was embarrassing and astonishingly adorable at the same time :D

  6. Kids never fail to amuse us. That was very adoring. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Kids are so honest - that they make us better people, don't you think?

  8. kid can be real pain at times..!!!

  9. ha ha- children certainly do say some of the funniest things at the strangest times. :) Great post.

  10. LoL! A perfect example of how honest children can be ~ it's impossible for them to keep a secret too! Loved this, Rahul, and the cute sketches :)

    A great read and you managed to weave some gorgeous imagery in the first paragraph! :)

  11. Kids say the most unexpected things. They keep us on our toes, that's for sure!

  12. LOL...You seriously have to watch when kids are around...

  13. ha.. dat was an interesting one... kids will surprise us with both enjoyable & ofcourse embrassing things too....

  14. @AS- Thanks for liking!
    @Purvi- True! They can really put you in a spot at times:)
    @ Purba- exactly.. but for sure they provide unbridled amusement!
    @ Francesca R- Yes! Better watch out.. ha ha..:)
    @ Serendipity- That is for sure!
    @ Sam- Agree, am sure you must have been witness to such hilarious situations!
    @ Crystal- So happy you enjoyed reading!
    @ Pradeepa- Welcome to my blog! Thanks for your lovely remark!
    @ Lady Fi-Kids are so innocent and pure at heart and wish we could be like them even as we grow older..:)
    @ Jyoti- Good to see you back and am happy that it made you smile!
    @ Madhulika- Sure.. a sweet pain, unless they are yelling their head off:)
    @ Anjuli- They sure can stump you out of wits at times..
    @ Lady Fiona- You have such an observing power that even smallest things do not go unnoticed!Thanks a lot for such kind words..
    @ Ameena- Welcome to my blog and am happy you liked reading this! I too enjoyed your blog !
    @ Saru-Thanks , it made you smile and laugh!

  15. @ Kalai- Well said.. thanks that you liked it

  16. Ha, ha,,kids say it as it can be very embarrassing for the parents at times.

  17. So true Alka! Luckily, I have now gone past that stage:)

  18. ahhh...i don't have kids(sometimes i thank that as i have a niece and whenever she comes its a hurricane) but definetly a nice read.

  19. Aww.. sweet post. Kids are kids, and their easy weapon is tear, they can get you anything done once they start crying. But they are so lovable. Lovely post Sir :)

  20. Haha..that was cute. Though embarrassing indeed! :P

  21. @ A Loner- Welcome to my blog! Yes,the company of children is very rewarding!
    @ Shreya- So true.. lovable they are indeed.
    @ Vinati- I am happy to bring the smile on your face :)
    @ Spiderdama- Yes absolutely, they are cute!

  22. A lovely post dear Rahul, children are so honest and tell it as it is, loved your drawings too.
    xoxoxo ♡

  23. Dianne am very happy that you liked this post including the drawings. :)