Monday, December 12, 2011

Categorizing Humans!

The god’s most interesting creation is a human being with a sharp mind. How it works is pretty much a mystery still to be unraveled. The human beings differ from each other so widely that it is difficult to expostulate why one behaves in a particular manner. We all encounter different types of humans in course of our interactions. Just like the five fingers in a hand are different so are all the human beings. Based on my observations I categorize them as follows:
  1. Pushy/ Leaders: These are more outgoing and thrust their views on others. Those who do it rationally become good leaders and generally ‘walk the talk’.
  2. Silent/ Observers: In this category fall the other extreme who prefer to be silent and observe more before acting
  3. Fair weather cocks- One has to be wary of these types as they have tremendous mood swings and keep switching their loyalties in opportunistic manner. They rarely have a locus standi and flutter in the direction in which the wind blows!
  4. Crabs: These exist in multitudes today. They like to bring down those aspiring to move higher. If they are unable to stop them, they  ‘piggy ride’ to climb along with them
  5. Appeasers- Such type of people spend their life time to keep others happy without really understanding where their own happiness lies. They are like court jesters to keep the king in high spirits
  6. Indifferent-They are only interested in promoting their own views and are unbothered of others views or concerns
  7. Sly-These people have a fox like cunning and pounce when the opportunity arise. Rest of the time they prefer to be dormant
  8. Snakes-A very dangerous kind! They like to enjoy all the goodies and one false move and they sting with venom.
  9. Thinker/ Owl- Such people are passionate about their pursuit and stay focused, work assiduously.
  10. Beasts of burden- They are the ones who are exploited by intelligentsia. They have generally low levels of intelligence and are at the receiving end
  11. Tortoise-Always at peace with themselves. They stick out their neck; assess the situation before making next move. If the situation is unfavorable they withdraw into their shell.
  12. Elephant- Unconcerned with what others think and remain unruffled. They hear more and talk less. They rarely get angry but create havoc when they do so
 I am sure there would be some more types which could be added to this list and readers may enlighten me regarding them. They are so similar with the animal kingdom that some of the traits exhibited too are similar. Life becomes much easier if we know before hand the kind of person we are dealing with!

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  1. Sir, a very nice post... so truly said...
    am like a bit both Appeasers & Tortoise... in addition i like to express the truth behind my views to others, i cant tolerate d betrayal by the most trusted person of mine...

  2. haha..very nice i cant think of more looks like u have almost covered em all:P am an elephant:)

  3. I can't decide which category I would best fit in...What do you think Sir?

  4. nice categories. guess i have bits of many of those animals in me :)

  5. Nice and brilliant observation, Sir. "man is a social animal" -quoted Aristotle. Categorizing humans is like categorizing "elements" in "periodic table". You should know all the properties which is difficult to find out in case of humans. We humans wear masks of fake expressions, we act, we pretend. So its difficult to categorize humans. Good read, TC :)

  6. Your insight into the human psyche is spot-on. Brilliantly put, you've covered every personality type . I read all the points thinking, I know a person in this category. Please copyright this article or send it to a newspaper. It's great.

  7. I quote you word by word and unluckily for me I have to deal with a lot of fair weather cocks

  8. So true, although I really try not to categorize people at all! (Easier said than done.)

  9. @ Kalai- Agree with you! it is difficult to tolerate such people in whom you repose faith and they betray you..
    @ Alka- Thanks for liking.
    @ Saru- You are too sweet to fit in these category! I think traits of the few best ones will describe you aptly:)
    @ Sujatha- Thanks! Many times it gets as situation demands but basic characteristics do remain constant!
    @ Shreya- That was a nice comment! Even in the Periodic table the elements display certain constant properties!
    @ Sam- Thanks a lot for such lovely comment. It is just an observation..:)
    @ Francesca- So true! We have a lot of fair weather cocks around..
    @Lady Fi- It was very generic without casting aspersions..

  10. Brilliant post. Every human being is different and its pretty difficult to categorize them. I always enjoy your posts.

  11. Sadly, i am an Appeaser..but is there any best category?

  12. Hi Rahul..I can't decide which category I will fit in :)

    I enjoyed the post a lot.

  13. You did include every category I guess.To put so many categories is already an art!

  14. @ Babli- Thanks a lot, for liking!
    @ Kirtivasan- Thanks for visiting my blog and liking!
    @ Sweety- liked your comment! In humans each one does have the best of every qualities..
    @ Magiceye- Thank You :)
    @ Rachna- So happy that you liked it!
    @ Ashish- Good to see you again after your trip! Thanks for your nice compliment!

  15. nice one...must try to take the best of everyone..

  16. well classified. though there could me more classifications/ a different approach to it... you have done the job pretty well.
    Glad I read this!

  17. I am guessing you are the silent one who likes observing people.
    Very interesting post :)

  18. @ Renu- Everyone has his own strengths and that is what we need to understand..Thanks for your comment.
    @ Jojofeelings- Welcome to my blog Janhvi! Thanks for liking!
    @ Purba- You guessed right!Thanks a lot for liking this post.. :)

  19. Well written post. You described them all I think!!
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)

  20. Haha I get fun in knowing the kinds of people. I have a couple of such posts written sometime back. You covered most :)

  21. Nice RaHUL...interesting..!!
    I would fall into the category as appeaser ..
    Rest to be a silent observer is the best I would say..
    I hate to be pushy ...and hate that kind of dominance..
    defined very well!

  22. This so interesting...Rahul you should write a book and elaborate on each one of them.Think about it.
    I hate the crabs though.

  23. Very interesting and creative post, dear Sir! I've never seen anything quite like this :) I chuckled as I read through the list because I can identify with meeting almost all of these 'species' in my lifetime! Like some of the others here, I fit into more than one 'category' past and/or present. The one that strikes me as being the most predominant throughout my life is the Owl :)

    Now I'm going to turn the tables and ask you which one(s) are you, Sir Rahul? :) :)

    P.S. Came by to check on you and say hello ~ haven't seen you posting as much lately and I'm glad I found this one! It's a 'Do Not Miss' read! :)

  24. @ Arti- Thanks for liking! I am still awed by your posts..:)
    @ Insignia- Thanks! I would like to read your version:)
    @ Ash- Happy you liked!
    @ Harman- Am happy you liked.. Sometimes these traits overlap but predominant features do not change.. :)
    @ Alka- Wow! such a nice compliment... This was just off the cuff..thanks a ton!
    @ Princess Fiona-It is so much fun to watch people and learn..There could always be situational change in personality!I think I am an Elephant who walks unconcerned.. ha ha!Some work related preoccupation and travel on the anvil is eating into my blogging time... :) But great to see you back!!Thanks a lot

  25. Oh, I really enjoyed this, how informative and how true.;) Of course, was trying to asses where I belong, but I guess I am a mix of observer, owl, tortoise and elephant, as I recognized my own traits in all of these.;))

  26. Thanks Zuzana!Most of us have a mix of few traits..:)

  27. What a lovely poem, Rahul. You know something, I absolutely adored my grandmother (dadi). Its been years since she passed away, but there is not a day when I don't remember her.

    Rahul..I hope I can use this poem when I am teaching my students poetry. Will tell them that its by a writing friend and a blog buddy.

  28. This is a nice set of human types.. some thought has gone into wording this post... and an interesting read it made! :)

  29. @ Rachna, Thanks!
    @ Dee- Thanks a lot!

  30. Humans are fascinating. It takes me a while to decide what kind they are except inconsistent - today one thing and tomorrow another. Intersting post.

  31. So true!! Me for sure like to be Elephant...:) Nice one.