Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Mystic Healer

Take a long deep breath!


One more time!

There were five patients who sat under the mango tree on the carpets spread out practicing yoga and breathing exercise. The air was still at the early morning hour. The instructor kept giving orders while he demonstrated before them. They all had a sincere belief that they would feel better in days to come. The strict regimen was being followed day after day, involving getting up early, a glass of lime and honey, exercise and meditation.  There was an interruption, as Ms Sharma, who was on the wrong side of forties, and slightly overweight walked in with a slight limp.

‘Can I see you doctor’, she asked looking in the direction of a man who was conducting the session.

‘Sure’, he said, getting up and walked with her to his office, signaling other inmates to continue.

‘Doctor, I am suffering from sever inflammation of knee and am finding it difficult to walk’ Ms Sharma said

‘Let me see’ he said, as she raised her dress up to her knees for him to examine.

‘Hmmm.., since when did you have this?’

‘It is almost six months now, and I got myself examined at the local government hospital’
 Ms Sharma pulled out a file from her bag and handed over to him.

Dr Bhatt pored over the document and then told her, ‘Madam! I assure you that without knee replacement, as suggested, I can cure you’. ‘You have to join my ashram (centre) from tomorrow, initially for two weeks’.

’You will be able to run in six months’ he jovially told her.

‘Sure, doctor, I will come from tomorrow and pay the prescribed fees’

It was another day for Dr Brahm Bhatt who had been practicing treatment of patients using Natural remedies for past five years. He had seen fifty summers having served for twenty years in the Army as a dedicated officer. A few months prior to his retirement, his request for training prior to release from Army was approved. He could attend a course on ‘Healing by Naturopathy’ for six months at an institute run by the government. Brahm had kept himself fit whilst serving the nation and had never suffered any major ailment. He was delighted at the opportunity that came his way. He settled down in Agra, his native place, on release from Army. He acquired a spacious house with a small garden on the outskirts of the city. He had two children who were married and comfortably settled. As the time elapsed, people came to get treated by the doctor. The doctor’s fame spread by word of mouth and he started getting patients to attend to their ailments. Most of them either recovered or those with terminal disease saw the end coming more peacefully.

He could keep only about five patients in his ashram, as he liked to call it. The remaining would be treated as out patients. People with all kinds of problems came to him and within a few days feel better due change of life style. Deepa and Anil was his trusted aide’s and assisted in treatment involving change of dietary habits, preparing mud packs, hot water baths, etc. Dr Bhatt would also conduct spiritual discourse as he believed that for any treatment to work effectively, it is essential that the body and mind need to synergize.

Next morning, Ms Sharma joined the ashram and her treatment commenced. Within three days, she started walking. She was all smiles as the treatment was beginning to show results.

‘Ms Sharma, it is all about will power to get well and strict regimen of exercise and controlled diet with no intake of fried food and sweets’ Dr Bhatt advised her during one of the counseling sessions. He would give words of encouragement from time to time while interacting with other patients.

After two weeks she had shown improvement in her gait to some extent. She continued her treatment with dogged determination for next six months! She could walk without a limp up to two kilometers! On further examination her medical reports confirmed improvement!

The mystic healer had succeeded one more time, to make one more person free from the disease just with the infusion of positive energy, correct life style and connecting with the nature!

( PS-This story in no way suggests efficacy of unconventional methods of treatment over modern medicine, but shows way for alternative approaches)
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  1. Great post!:) It's another way to show help through your alternative approaches :) Thanks a lot!:)

  2. alternate medicine can be amazing

  3. Another nice post. :) Its all about belief, I guess.

  4. Nice post :) Yoga and other exercises do help many :)

  5. very nice to know about Dr. Bhatt.. he's definitely a great healer...

  6. @ Saggitarian- Thanks a lot for following and am happy that you liked it!
    @ Magiceye- True sometimes it works wonders!
    @ Shreya, Philo and Kalai- Thanks a ton for your ardent support in my writing endeavors! It was just to share the idea of available alternate therapies if one does not close his mind

  7. Very rarely do you find good healers among alternative medicine. Most of the people turn out to be quacks :(.

  8. Good to know about Dr. Bhatt .His talent is a blessing to many .

  9. @ Rachna- Agree with you that the quacks rule the roost but sometimes the genuine ones can come as great saviors!
    @ Kavita-Thanks Kavita! Welcome to my blog!

  10. its rare thou!
    but if we find one..its a boon or blessing!

  11. Great post. Nice to know about Dr.Bhatt.

  12. Thank you for sharing this story. Eating healthy food always and exercise are good for us.

  13. Even I believe that alternate medicine provides long lasting results :)

  14. @ Babli- Thanks a lot!
    @ Eden- Quite right!
    @ Purvi-You are right!A healthy body resides in a healty mind..

  15. Nice to read about Dr Bhatt. I have heard about this natural healing method.

  16. Thanks Rachna, They are quite effective in dealing with certain diseases!

  17. Oh, I believe that if we believe, we can be healed without medication. The placebo effect is a true example of this.;) I think the mind is an unrestricted resource and still a very undiscovered field.;))

  18. The nature has indeed power to cure what this alopathy claims it can't be... Its a wonder!!

  19. Beautifully written, and as the saying goes " when there is will there is a way".

  20. @ Zuzana- You are so right!
    @ Anand- True !
    @ Rama- Thanks a lot and could not agree more with you