Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Play Class

A dozen cute playful gazes
   Stare innocently, the dimple face
Sweet voiced teacher gleefully sings
   Enthralling her little spellbound audience
Excitement builds as voices rise
   Keenness to learn is the big prize
Die is cast for a new generation
   Bright lit faces holler in unison
Each day spent in easy erudition
    Having great fun in playful education
How I wish, I was a child again
  Be in this class and frolic with disdain

PS-This poem is a tribute to my fellow blogger who have given me a few accolades in form of their awards! I treasure each one of them and I only do not pass them around as I consider some of the blogger far more creative, skillful and stand towering above me! Also, for me the journey is only a few months old.In this constellation of stars, I find myself still not equipped well enough to hand these down to so many great writers I have come across! I treat myself as a student attending a Kindergarten school!Thanks a lot once again!

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  1. What a great piece- and I must say if you are a beginner than I'm barely out of diapers ;) Always enjoy your blog posts and find that I've learned a lot from them.

  2. Congratulations on your latest award, Rahul! You are deserving of every single one!

    Wonderful poem and I'm chuckling at the inspiration of you considering yourself to be in writer's kindergarten school!

    Well, I think you definitely don't belong there. You can safely sail through elementary, junior high and high school! Welcome to the University now! *Big Smiles*

  3. dats so sweet of you humble n courteous!
    well written nice poem...

  4. And everyone feels the same way too - "How I wish, I was a child again, Be in this class and frolic with disdain."

  5. Very well written... I loved the last line... And congratulations on ur new awards.. I always loved the way you write , If u are in kindergarten I think I am still in my play school days.. You write so well.. Keep up the good work.. And there are many more awards coming your way ... :D

  6. This is SUCH an adorable post, Sir!
    Accolades ..
    A very happy new year to you by the way :)

  7. Dear Rahul, what a lovely metaphor. I once heard tat we are all students of life, no matter what age we are.;))
    Have a great day and thank you for your always kind visits and comments.;))

  8. That was a super duper cute poem. I imagined myself sitting in one such class as I read it. :D
    Very adorable. :)

  9. LOL -you're humble. But it would be great to have that unlimited child-like joy again.

  10. After reading your sweet poem, I too wish to be a child again to put in a play school :)

    No doubt, we are always student to learn something every day.

  11. Very well written lines! Feeling like a school going child...nice!

    I enjoy reading your post, Ramakrishnan Sir!

    And Congratulations for the awards!

  12. Congratulations on all the awards you have received :) It's a pleasure reading your work! keep it up :)
    I loved the poem :D

  13. I like to be a child.. and I am sometimes.
    Great written and grats with award.


  14. I like to be a child.. and I am sometimes.
    Great written and grats with award.


  15. @ Anjuli= Thanks! Learning never ends:)
    @ Princesa Fiona- Thanks a ton for your lovely comments!They will keep me going with greater zeal!
    @ Harman- Thank you for that kind remark!
    @ Binu- To be like a child is perhaps the best feeling!
    @ Single Girl- Am so happy that you liked and am grateful for your best wishes!
    @ Crystal- Aayushi, good to see you back! Hope you had a nice sailing through your exams!Wishing you a very happy and rewarding year too!
    @ Zuzana-You are so right! The life itself is the biggest teacher!
    @ Mirage- Vinati, am happy that this made you smile!Thank you for your sweet comment!
    @ Lady Fi- No other joy can be greater than reliving a childhood!
    @ Jeevan- So true! Thanks a lot for liking!
    @ Magiceye- Thanks!
    @ Andrea- Thanks a lot!
    @ Sandhya- Thanks a lot for liking!
    @ PhilO-Juhi, Hope you had a wonderful start to the New Year! Thanks for your nice comment!
    @ Pria- Yes, the childhood innocence is what we want!Thanks a lot for your nice comment
    @ Spiderdama-Tania, so true! Love to bring out the child in us once in a while!

  16. Congratulations on the award and very lovely poem. Even I don't pass on the awards so that very reason...

  17. Thank you Saru! Am happy that we think alike:)

  18. i think this is an amazing poem and that you are way to humble, that's why i love your blog!!

  19. Hi Rahul, Its so good that I read this poem today because I was chatting to my cousin who is in Kindergarten and everything you wrote about, she told me something similar about her school. I want to share this poem with her if thats okay with you?

    P.S you are also a great writer and very skillful blogger

  20. @ Francesca- Thanks for your kind words! I am happy you liked!
    @ Sam- I am honored with your praise! Please feel free to use as you like. This would be the biggest award for me:)

  21. What a lovely poem! You write well..

  22. Aaaah ditto. I can never pick favourites among my blogger friends.

  23. How adorable and what a cute poem. Congrats on your awards!

  24. But kids nowadays drive their teacher up the wall! Believe me it's the toughest job on earth but then it has it's beautiful moments.

  25. @ Eden- Thanks a lot!
    @ Gayatri- True:)
    @ Rachna- Thanks a lot for liking!
    @ Purba- Totally agree! At the same time it is one of the most satisfying one to groom a whole new generation!
    @ Ashwini- Thanks for those kind words of appreciation!

  26. very well written post...loved it...rahul i was wondering why dont u add the follower thing on ur blog so w can get updates everytym u post somethin new....i love ur posts:)

  27. Congrats for award Sir.....and what a beautiful way to respond to an award....:))

  28. I love this! Very nice read my friend! Perfect :)

  29. @ Alka- I read your blog regularly as I follow on Indiblogger:)Thanks for your comment!
    @ Ash- Thanks a lot for those nice words!
    @ Irfanuddin_ So kind of you for that comment! Thanks!
    @Prime Aque-Thanks a lot!
    @ Khoj- Thanks a lot Sub! Wishing you and your family all the happiness in the New Year and beyond! Keep seeing the pics of your sweet daughter on FB updates:)

  30. lovely sweet words...wonderfully crafted!

  31. @ Kalyan- Thanks a lot
    @ sm- Thanks..

  32. Congrats Sir..
    so nice poem...
    its a coincidence as my kid is going to his play school 2morrow 4 d first time....

  33. @ Kalai- Thanks for liking this poem! So happy to learn that your son will be joining the play school tomorrow. Convey my love to him!