Monday, January 9, 2012

The Joy of Jogging

Whilst still in school, I fell in love with jogging and would infrequently indulge in the sport! Then came the college, and I continued with this indulgence, besides playing a bit of lawn tennis, and cricket! It used to be fun to take to the street early in the morning and enjoy the crisp and clear Delhi air which was much less polluted and much lesser traffic to worry about! There were not many enthusiasts except for some fair skinned whom I would encounter near the Diplomatic Enclave, my favorite haunt! It was green most of the time in the year and was adorned with flowers of different hues and even had a lovely Rose Garden! This would elevate the spirits besides cleanse the body of the toxic wastes through huge amount of perspiration! Of course I never understood those benefits at that time!

Slowly, the time went by and I landed in the Navy! The very first day we were taken for a jog for six kilometers followed with heavy outdoors! On Sundays, there would be a compulsory 15 km cross country race and those who were caught taking short cuts would have to redo it!

It then became a habit and wherever I went, this is one thing I never forgot. Get up early and go out for a jog! In the process I was rewarded with rare sights like watch migrating birds visiting the secluded salt pans in Jamnagar, seeing the old actor David( Yes the  one of ‘Chupke , Chupke ‘fame) taking a walk every day near Churchgate in Mumbai in mornings, meeting Khushwant Singh at the Bogmolo beach in Goa! These were all the places I had been posted while serving in the Navy! I also saw some rare snakes in Goa during the rains and I was almost bitten by stray dogs at various places who mistook me to be a tramp running away with booty!

After quitting the Navy, I stepped into the corporate world and would sometimes exercise in the gymnasiums of the hotels and watch either too young or too old ones running on the tread mill besides me! Rarely would I be rewarded with a beauty running besides me to keep company! The only time one came to my rescue was, when I tripped in the dark hours in a park near Colaba in Mumbai and landed with a thud on the walk way!  She came to assist and check if I had bruised myself! In the Victoria in Kolkata, it was fun to see scores of people indulge in group yoga sessions, women chanting hymns and dog lovers attending to their canine needs!

During my several visits to different overseas destinations I kept my date with this hobby. I saw some interesting sights like a couple engaged in intense love making at the secluded part of the Tel Aviv beach, a prostitute engaging me in Krabi in Thailand and insisting to walk with me, watching the lovely meadows in Zurich, running along side a group of cyclists in Hong Kong, getting lost in the woods in Stockholm where I stayed at a lonely part in the winter! In fact I could go on with the interesting episodes which would appear like a concocted story!

This is one activity I do not regret having got addicted to early in life! I had once fallen sick and was unable to walk for about ten days and that was the most miserable time I had. I would tell my wife, see how lucky those guys are who can walk and I am confined to this damn bed! I can vouch that this is the best form of fitness and every day one is rewarded with melody of birds, fragrance of flowers and the sight of rising sun to elevate the spirits no matter where we are.

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  1. Very nice read... Its nice to know ur experience in jogging and all things happened and all the people u meet during the course.. I wish I could cultivate the habit... Hope I do too...

  2. I am not a jogging person you know? I have tried it several times but I ended up quitting it for good, I am a swimmer instead. I also played waterpolo for sometime!!

  3. Great post, Rahul. I jog before with friends but not any more now. I only do walking as my way to exercise this time.

    Thank you for the visit.

  4. Interesting jogging story! You were in the navy? Great!

    I and my husband go for long walks in the morning along with some Yog. If we don't go for walks, we exercise in the stationery cycle at home. We feel uncomfortable if we don't do anything!

    I too love to hear the sounds of birds in the morning and watch the other walkers and their mannerisms!

  5. Yes, jogging/walking can get very addictive in the positive sense . The bonus is the observations that come along, the color of the sky, the chirping of the birds, recently the cock a doodle doo of a hen here in Muscat!..a lot to lose if we didnt observe!
    Happy writing for the year ahead Rahul!

  6. wow!! Sheer respect Rahul Ji :)

    I am inspired to commit myself to health regime too now! Thank you so much...

    And, I have been to Bogmalo Beach too :D Yeeee, finally a place I too have been too...

    You are so lucky to meet David and Khushwant Singh... Wow!

  7. What a wonderful account! It has been one of my 2012 resolutions, to jog more regularly.

  8. Jogging is a nice habit, its great it is one of your hobby :) I too go for walks in summers, but during winters I go a bit lazy and like to be in blanket. :) So these days my jogging is on pause, you are good to set it on loop ;) Go on!! :D

  9. Sir, I wish I can meet someone once during jog which will keep me inspired...
    Lovely read, with or without jog, your stories are always colorful!

  10. Hi Rahul, hope that you had a great start to your week. I admire you for sticking by and doing something that you love for so long. Its a good hobby to have, because of health and fitness benefits too. I wish I were that determined! And you're right about jogging outside and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors instead of in a gym.

  11. not much for jogging but def a great way to get out and see the sites and stay in shape...i do a lot of street hiking...smiles...

  12. @ Single girl-I have enjoyed this thoroughly! Thanks a lot!
    @ Francesca- I like swimming too but have played water polo only a few times!
    @ Eden- Thanks for your nice comment!
    @ Sandhya- Walking is just about as good as jogging only a little less strenuous, but has greater benefits!
    @ Magiceye- True!
    @ Padmaja- Thanks for your lovely comment! Muscat is a fabulous place so hope you have a splendid time in the New Year!
    @ Chintan- I have seen your picture jogging, on your site! You are already multifaceted!Love your writing..
    @ Ashok- Thanks a lot!Wishing you the same!
    @ Mridula- Welcome to my blog! Have a happy year ahead and wish you a nice warm up for jogs..
    @ Shreya-So sweet! I feel like cosying up in blanket in winter like you!
    @ Saru- Thanks for your sweet comment!Hope you are rewarded with some interesting sights during jogs:)
    @ Sam- The fact you are a model with so many other accomplishments, I am sure you know more ways to keep fit and stay in shape:)Outdoors are always more enjoyable!
    @ Brian- Street hiking or hiking in mountains are just as great or even more rewarding!

  13. It seems I am late to read this post- what a great post it is. I loved how you had so many encounters on your jogs. I would definitely want to hear more- even if they do sound concocted! :)

    This post was just another reminder to me that I need to get back to my exercise routine.

  14. jogging is something one must never stop doing ..

    i've been jogging now for more than 8 months ..

    sometimes when i don't like to jog i do brisk walking ..

    first time here on your blog but will be a regular visitor now..

    have a great week ahead :-)


  15. Glad you're jogging and enjoying it, Rahul!

    I'm more of a walker--and I love to dance. No matter what, exercise is important in our lives and it's good to find the path (jogging path??) you enjoy!

    Aloha, Cheryl

  16. Jogging is the simplest (and perhaps the most effective) exercise I can do everyday!! I so wish to do it.. If not for this laziness!! :)

  17. I love running/jogging. People tell me it's better to do it outside rather than on the treadmill. But it's so cold here that it's not always possible. Still I run as much as I can. It always clears my head.

  18. Ah yes, the joys of jogging. I can't do it anymore due to my fake knee ligament, but it's a great habit and a wonderful way to see your surroundings.

  19. Nothing like jogging next to a beach...I never knew that you were in Navy too.

  20. @ Anjuli- Ha! Ha ! I can tell many more stories!!Thanks for your comment
    @ Rahul- Trust me, there is nothing more addictive than jogging and blogging:)Jogging I have indulged in many years but blogging is of late:)Welcome to my blog!
    @ Cheryl Linn- So nice to see you back! Wishing you a happy new year! Any form of exercise which is enjoyable is good:)
    @ Binu- Well said!
    @ Gayatri- So true! It clears the head and makes the rest of the body feel light for rest of the day!
    @ Lady Fi- Your passion for nature walk is evident from your brilliant photography! One need not run :)
    @ Alka- Ha! Ha! does my being in the Navy remind you of Old Man's chest in Treasure Island( by RL Stevenson)
    'Fifteen men on the dead man's chest--
    ...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum
    Drink and the devil had done for the rest--
    ...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum' ! song..:)

  21. Sirji, i am sure this post is going to inspire few young men to take to jogging. the sights you have described is enough motivation :)

    and the places you have jogged at! and meeting David & KS! sigh!i think i will forever be jealous of your life
    except for the bit where taking short-cuts meant redoing the 15kms stretch.ah! now! well , that is one thing i dont want from your life :)))

    btw, a simple topic interestingly dealt with. kudos!

  22. Fabulous activity to be addicted to. I cannot do without my brisk walk. Both hubby and I walk almost 6 kms every single day. The day we miss our walk, we feel antsy, so I know exactly what you are talking about. And, it helps with my health goals too.

  23. dat was a very cool post Sir... infact jogging is d best exercise by which we can be healthy in a very natural way...

    loved the post Sir....

  24. Nice post Rahul.
    I have never been a jogger.. I have to run for a football or something:-)

    Hope you have a great week!

  25. @ Sujatha- Thanks Sujatha for an insightful comment and liking it!
    @ Rachna- Walking is no less fun, and beneficial!
    @ Kalai- Yes , true..and thanks for the nice comment!
    @ Spiderdama- You engage in a lot of outdoors so you do not need it:)

  26. I am sure that keeps you alive and kicking, I might try, I plan to jog ago, I might achieve 10,000 or more steps per day! Great one! :)

  27. Rahul...other than writing we have another similarity, I too love jogging. Earlier (years back, when I was a school kid) I use to go to Cubbon Park at 6 am with my sister. Nowadays I go to a place close to my house.

  28. I love walking too. I think it is a very good exercise.

  29. I wish i liked walking/jogging , but I don't :( :(
    By the way, i am passing on an award to you, check out my latest fort he same :)

  30. @ Prime Aquie- Thanks! It sure does!Best wishes for 10000 steps:)
    @ Rachna Chhabaria- How nice! Cubbon Park is a lovely place and I have some very sweet memories of the place!BTW you look gorgeous in the new profile picture.. :)
    @ PAPS- Welcome to my blog! Walking is a very nice way to exercise!
    @ Purvi- You are so sweet to make such an honest admission! A sincere thanks for considering me worthy of passing this lovely award! I will treasure this!

  31. Reminds me of my walking days ~ I was so addicted to it and the feelings it gave me afterwards! I should never have let go of it. It's been more than a few years now. This post will definitely help to inspire me to get out and move again! Thanks, Rahul :-) GREAT post!

  32. Princess Fiona- Hope you find time for whatever you choose to do! Keep writing those beautiful verses..

  33. I love jogging...wish my hubby loved it as much as i do! :( I try to jog whenever i can though.

  34. @ Ria- Some activities we have to engage in solo:( It is good that you can take on this in the cold weather of London!

  35. your post made me smile! i am not really a jogger and would love to simply spend time cozily in bed with a book, rather than even get up! of course, travelling is another thing i cant live without, and that is one time i am up and about all the time! but ur post made me smile because it reminded me of my cousin, who is also in the navy, and he too had these jogging sessions which really tired him out in the early days. he used to come home and complain that his knees were bruised, his legs were shaking, but he couldnt get out of running! of course, he slowly got used to it, and today is the fittest person in my entire family!! and my hubby keeps telling me i should run! he loves to, and even participates in the full marathon every year!

  36. Jogging will give us a peace of peace and satisfaction !
    some fulfillment !

  37. true ..jogging is one of the best part of exercises and specially when weather is so good!
    I dont blame you for bird watching ..actually those places r awesome you mentioned..and those experiences you wrote made me smile..
    nice post!

  38. @ Anuradha- Welcome to my blog!I am happy you liked it!Thanks for your nice comments!
    @ Deepak- True!Welcome to my blog!
    @ Harman- Thanks a lot for your nice comments!

  39. I too love jogging! You have wonderfully shared the joy in your post!

  40. Kusum,welcome to my blog! Thanks for your nice comment!

  41. Wow! That’s interesting account on your jogging experience and things rewarded you with their sights. Going out in early morning is bliss and refreshing which happen for me only on times of traveling.

    Glad reading your activities alongside running.

  42. Yes Jeevan, jogging is fun unlimited:)

  43. Very true, Ashwini. One cannot enjoy anything which is forced!Thanks for liking!

  44. Jogging is real fun, but alas or roads are too bad,the parks are too crowded, gym you have to wait for your turn, I wish our country was more jogger friendly.
    Jogging abroad is more peaceful.
    It was good to hear about your various encounters with different kinds of people, in different countries, including our own.
    If a person likes to do something, I am sure they would always find a way to do it anywhere.
    I remember seeing people running/ jogging in the coldest month, in London, when the constant drizzling of rain too would not stop them.
    When i see such people even i too feel like jogging, like them rain or sunshine.

  45. We need to learn in many ways! Jogging is like a dope for an addict! The more you do the more you like:)