Thursday, January 5, 2012



                                                   Intimate, Irresistible, Invigorate
                                                       Alluring, Amazing, Adoring
                                      Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly

PS : A Cinquain poem. 
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  1. So crisp, it was. I liked the fourth line, specially. Beautiful! :)

    P.S: There is some problem with the blogger. I am not getting any of your updates. So I had to come and check personally.
    I hope this thing gets fixed soon.

  2. I was thinking of writing it but I know I can't do justice like you did...Beautiful...:)

  3. Very beautifully expressed!
    4th line sums up the awesome feeling of love!! :)

  4. Amazing Rahul ji... "Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly" This is my super favorite line..

    New year wishes :)

  5. Nice. I was thinking to write a Cinquain poem and you have already did it, means I am too slow. Lol :P

  6. SImple, concise and charming, a great poem

  7. Dear Rahul :)

    First of all, thank you for participating in the challenge and for letting me know your contribution is published!

    You did justice to not only the form of the Cinquain, but also to the topic of LOVE! I originally thought of presenting this subject as my first one. I'm glad I didn't now because I could not have creating one as lovely as this :-)

    I especially love the fact that you included one of my favorite quotes in line 4! Bravo! Needless to say, I love this cinquain about love! Well done, Sir! :-)

  8. What a brilliant piece Rahul ji :-)

  9. @ Mirage- Thanks for your sweet comment! It is disappointing to learn that the feed is not being updated :(
    I tried something.. please confirm if you can see it now..
    @lady Fi- Thanks!
    @ Ria- Thanks a lot!
    @ Saru- I now need to learn humility from you besides writing good poetry!Thanks a lot for your nice comment!
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    @ Shreya- You are very fast! I happen to be faster as I am in a different time zone:)
    @ Sam- Thanks for your kind appreciation!
    @ Princess Fiona- You keep creating a challenge and it keeps us moving!Well you are too kind to say those words and I need my lessons from likes of you and Saru in writing good poetry and being humble at the same time!
    @ Chintan- Very kind of you for that generous praise! I wish I could write on so many diverse things like you and still keep the reader glued:)

  10. Ah these poems are not easy to do- I know, I've dabbled in them- you've done an excellent job!!

    Great writing.

    I was relieved to see Mirage also has been having trouble getting the updates on blogger- so that means it is not just my own blog roll, but possible a fault in the entire system.

  11. So beautiful dear Rahul!
    xoxoxo ♡

  12. Lovely! Happy new year to you and yours!

  13. @ Rachna- Thanks a lot!
    @ Alka- Yes Love is like an ocean and difficult to define..
    @ Anjuli-Thank you for your kind appreciation! Are you getting the feed from my post now?
    @ Francesca- So kind of you! Thanks..
    @ Dianne- Thanks a lot
    @ Rachna Chhabria- Thanks a ton!
    @ Ash- Happy New Year! Thanks a lot

  14. Was like a tongue twister :P

    Nice lines :)

  15. Hi Rahul! :) So lovely Cinquain! :) It happen we got same title at Cinquain that I posted yesterday!:)) lols.. Happy to know that we felt the same yesterday!!:) You can visit at my blog too! :)

    Happy to visit your blog! :) Keep sharing! :)

  16. Beautiful poem!
    So true.

    Enjoy your weekend:-)

  17. Beautifully composed Rahul ji. Especially loved the 2nd line...
    Hope you have a happy weekend:)

  18. @ Sandhya- Thanks for visiting my blog and liking!
    @ PhilO- Welcome back in the New Year! Hope you have a lovely year ahead!Next time I will make it easier to read and with less twist:)
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    @ Arti- Thanks for your nice comment! Hope you too have a lovely weekend ahead..

  19. dats so beautiful sir...
    Fiona makes us to have fun in such kinda challenges...

    its very interesting too...

  20. Love described in few (yet powerful) words! Great..

  21. So true...that is the thing which takes our life forward.

  22. @ Kalai- Fiona keeps throwing challenges for us to take on! Thanks!
    @ Binu- Thanks a lot for liking!
    @ kalyan- Thanks for your kind appreciation!

  23. awww... beautifully write.. Love is something everyone longs for..

  24. Thanks , Single Girl! Yes Love is all one needs to make the journey of life enjoyable!

  25. Thanks a lot Kitty for your kind appreciation!

  26. GR8..valentine is around the corner......
    have a good one with your near n dear ones!

  27. Thanks Harman! Wishing you the the same!

  28. Thanks Ashwini, for your kind appreciation!