Thursday, July 9, 2015

Surf All, Surf Fast

In a rapidly transforming world product innovations and new services have become the order of the day. Hardly a week passes till one hears of something which is capable of changing our world significantly! A similar story plays for the new product from Alibaba Group which has got rave reviews and in a short span of time has managed to conquer 14% of the congested browser market share. UcWeb is just a decade old company and has found a niche market to serve the clients. The focus is on young cricket enthusiasts across the country that are willing to miss the work on a day, or bunk the classes in the college or even miss a date with their beloved, just for the sake of a Cricket match!

The blue icon in UC Browser ( for UC Cricket makes it very easy and convenient to follow the game anywhere, and anytime . It offers an unmatched glitch free performance and provides excellent features like Live scores with updates, videos, fixtures and results. Virtually, it is like watching the game ‘live’ and also getting the analysis from experts.

During the recently concluded IPL series 250000 downloads of this popular App was recorded, proving beyond doubt the rising popularity. The fast data download and the data compression feature are the key drivers for its success.  “Cricket Guessing Game’ was also introduced during the IPL season, giving an opportunity to win some exciting prizes, as well!

For the lover of movies, trailers, music videos, gossips and funny video clips there is an option of Hot Video in the browser. UCweb has made a repository of 2 million videos, trailers and all things spicy to pep up the viewers! There are fresh updates every day and one will never be bored!

A UCloud plugin can be downloaded for Google Chrome or Firefox browsers from UC Browser 9 .0 It is possible to Sync the mobile devices with the PC using Sync Tab or Sync Book Mark. Also, it is possible to Sync different devices with the same UC account

The features of UCBrowser are unparalleled. It is supported by a host of Operating Systems like Android, I Phone, Windows,  PC, Tabs, Symbian, Java and Blackberry clients. It is available for download for over 3000 different mobile phones and devices

UC Browser is constantly evolving and moving withy time. For the Android users a new App called UC Cleaner had been launched on 05 June to boost the performance and enhance the smartphone experience. This ad free App occupies just 1.5MB of space, thus making it one of the tiniest yet powerful app. New features like the faster access to Facebook are already available in the market. In times to come the UCWeb browser will be a dominant force to reckon with.


  1. I was not aware of these stats, Sir. Thanks for sharing. I tried to download the browser, but there was some version compatibility issue. From reviews and your posts, it looks pretty good.

  2. I am not a cricket fan but the husband is. The app however sounds interesting.

    1. I am in your league. Alka, when it comes to liking Cricket now:) There was a time I played and loved the game!