Monday, July 10, 2017

Yougraphy- New Trends in Digital Printing

Yougraphy- Exposition at Hyatt Regency

The rapid pace with which the technological innovations have swept the world oft leaves one with a feeling of amazement. Just a few years back most of the pictures were taken on a film roll and were printed to be kept for posterity. With the advent of digital cameras with high resolution all this changed for ever and the Moore's Law continues to be defy the sensibilities at a pace never before to pack more power and punch in every domain including the world of photography.

With a surge in the number of smart phones across the country, clicking high quality digital images has become the most favorite pastime. Cutting the barriers of age, from clicking of selfies, promoted by none less than Prime Minister Modi , the trend of digital photography and videography continues to be a rage. The company specializes in many product ranges from different formats of prints, wall hangings, coffee books, magnetic frames and much more.
MD Canvera and Marketing Director HP launching Yougraphy

The exposition of Canvera held at The Hyatt Regency on 6th July was a perfect example to showcase the power of digital photo printing .According to Mr Ranjit Yadav, the dynamic Managing Director of Canvera, ' The idea to launch this range is to help people transform their great pictures into beautiful memories, instead of keeping these photos in their hard disks or leaving them on their phone's memory card.With a quirky collection of offerings the company aims to beautify the workplaces and homes.'

Canvera has partnered with the giant, HP  which strive for consumer satisfaction with printing solutions,evolved to meet the needs of modern day printing environment with their Indigo Digital Press.
The lovely calendars and pictures from Canvera
Following a brief address by the team of Canvera and HP leadership, the audience comprising of media and bloggers were introduced to experience the products and an opportunity to order the products of their choice using the ' Online Ordering Tool' on internet. The interactive tool was found to be very user friendly as with a little assistance from the team I was able to order desktop calendar and blown up pictures from my collections at the site itself! The options of online editing, enhancing the picture quality, rearranging them, choosing size, square,portrait or landscape, selection of paper quality for printing viz matt, glossy or velvet finishes makes it a very versatile and powerful tool.

The prices are very affordable starting from as low as Rs 10/- per print to all the way up to Rs 7000/- including accessories.  As I write this post my Online order that was taken from the venue of the meeting, the courier service has delivered my lovely pictures and calendars ordered on them.

The high level of customer satisfaction with excellent product and timely delivery will  make Canvera an ideal choice for those looking forward to preserve their memories of happy events in a stylish yet affordable manner .

PS A grateful thanks to Canvera for the beautiful Calendars and Pictures designed by self.


  1. Sounds like a great way to preserve our memories in print. Thanks for writing about it :)

    1. Thanks for reading Arti! Digital prints can sure preserve some rare moments of our life

  2. My 3 year old knows what a selfie is ...i don't know if she knows to use the word "self" correctly ha ha

  3. See how the world has changed with so much technological innovations! So cute your daughter likes selfies:)

  4. It was nice to learn about Canvera.
    I use another similar service and I love all the things services like this let us do from the comfort of our homes. :)

  5. Very true, Divya. Such services are a great help.

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