Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Art of Italy

David  by Michelangelo
The amazing creations of art that draw millions of art lovers to the countries in Europe. Despite having faced several natural calamities and wars these have weathered all storms, and stand majestically even now.  During my last visit to Italy, I revisited some of these sites again just for the grandeur that leaves me in complete awe. I tried to trace the history and would love to share the same with the readers.

The consistent pattern of adoption of the ancient Greek Art was transformed in Rome and across Europe and North Africa and the Middle East from 1400 AD onwards. Before 1800 the Catholic church greatly influenced the art, architecture, sculpture, and paintings across Europe and especially in the Mediterranean region. The history of the church was amply reflected in the brilliant portrayal of stories from Bible, tales of mythological gods and goddesses, great wars and strange creatures that had earlier never been depicted.
The Birth of Venus -Botticelli
The European art was arranged in Stylist periods like Classical ( till 1100BC), Byzantine(843 till 1453), Medieval(6th century to 15th century ), Gothic(1360-1463), Renaissance(14th to 16th century), Baroque( 17th to 18th century), Rocco( mid -18th century), Neoclassical( early 18th to 19th century), Modern and Post Modern( first half of 20th century onwards).
Madonna by Duccio

The great Italian painter Giotto in 1290 heralded an era of painting based on observation to lay the foundations of Renaissance style in the years to follow. Until the 14th century, most of the paintings and art in Italy were Byzantine style by proponents like Duccio of Siena and Cimabue of Florence. Simone Martini and Fabriano, however, carried on in Gothic style during this period.

Adoration of the Magi, The Redeemer by Lorenzo Monaco
The early Renaissance emerged in Florence with sculptors like Donatello who created the nude of David in bronze. A large number of artists worked on some of the most elegant structures like the Florence cathedral and Brancacci Chapel. Brunelleschi created the magnificent dome of the Duomo in Florence.
Adoration of the Magi- Fabriano
In the period of high Renaissance the eminent artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffaello created one of the most astounding pieces of art that excelled to an extent that there we no parallels. In a sense, these artists created a new profession with its own expression and character.
Madonna and Child-Filippo Lippi

The masterpieces are housed in cities of Florence at Galleria Degli Uffizi which is the oldest in the world. The city gave birth to the Renaissance the creations of Cimabue, Michelangelo, and Raphael among other greats are treasures that have been kept here. Galleria del Academia also in the city of Florence has the mighty David created by Michelangelo. Vatican, Naples, Turin, Venice, and Rome have an immense wealth of art that one can see for whole life but still, all of it would not be covered. Italy has been blessed with beauty and has a big say in the world of art. It has more than a fair share of art with hardly any rival.

PS- The pictures are my collections from the galleries in Italy


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