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It's All About Experiences- Singinawa

A Gond Painting -Tapestry in Main Building
The Dusshera holidays are knocking the doors and there is already a nip in the morning air! One can feel the excitement of holidays with offers and sales heralding the festive season. It is also a perfect time for get away from the daily humdrum of life. There is no dearth of choices ranging from hopping to the hills, visiting historical and places of pilgrimage to listening to the roar of the seas! One which stands out is a perfect getaway called ‘ Singinawa Forest Lodge’ which is located in the midst of a dense forest of Kanha in Madhya Pradesh.
How to Reach
The place is well connected by the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore by air/trains with Jabalpur or Nagpur as the nearest railhead/ airports. There is a lovely motorable road that connects these cities with the Jungle lodge located on the main highway. The winding roads through the dense foliage, with occasional stream of rivulets and constant chirp of the birds, make the journey a very pleasant one.
About Singinawa
A Cottage in Singinawa
Singinawa is spread in a huge 110 acres of forested area with 12 independent cottages and 2 Jungle Bungalows with all the modern amenities including en-suite baths, rain showers, double vanities, air-conditioning, and minibars. 
The lovely decor of room with traditional local 

A plush interior of a cottage
Each room is very tastefully decorated with the local Gond art and artifacts that will bowl you over, the moment you enter the room. There is a verandah in front of every room where one can look at the star-studded sky in the evening while sipping a cup of coffee and hear a distant cry of hyena or rattle of birds trying to catch some sleep

The Main Building
The main building has anterooms, dining places and indoor entertainment with a huge collection of videos on nature and other entertainment. These can be put to good use on a rainy day when it is difficult to explore outdoors. The huge terrace is a great place to enjoy the dinner with a whiff of fresh air and swaying tall trees.

Ante Room

The property has a huge organic far where the seasonal vegetables are grown and one can devour the taste of these by the accomplished cooks who serve with a smile. They are hugely talented and can cook almost anything ranging from all kinds of Indian food to most of the popular world cuisines.The naturalists who reside in the complex give company during the treks and also help in understanding about the birds and local fauna when they join you over a cup of coffee. Their amazing knowledge of the bird calls and sighting the birds which one cannot see easily is an unforgettable experience.

There is a swimming pool- The Wallow, for relaxing after a long day or enjoying an Oriental or Indian treatment at the Meadows Spa within the premises.
The artifacts in Singinawa
Singinawa is perhaps the only Forest Lodge that prides in a museum of its own called ‘The Kanha Museum of Life and Art’. Nestled within the estate it is spread over an area of 1000sq.ft and is an ode to the Gond and Baiga artisans of the region and their labor of love.  Curated by Dr. Alka Pande the recipient of Chevalier dans/Order des Arts et des Lettres from the French Government, this museum will leave you bewildered by the intricate designs and craftwork of the locals.
The foresight of the Chief patron Tulika Kedia is helping in preserving the local art with the same fervor as the nation, to preserve the fast vanishing tigers that people come to see here.
Activities in Singinawa
Goodies for picnic in jungle

There is no dearth of activities for visitors of all age groups ranging from the Tiger Safari the most popular one that starts at the daybreak! A trip to the forest with the accomplished naturalists always ranks high. The safari starts by 5 AM from Mukkhi or Khatia gate and goes till late afternoon. The rewards of sighting the huge cat, antelopes, gaurs, deer, barasingha, wild boars and plenty of birds are the perks of the trip. A breakfast in the company of the wild with the huge assortment is a pleasant surprise that awaits you!
A night safari is also arranged at request where one can witness the fiery-eyed animals in the darkness and some rare birds like ‘The Night Jar’ and Owls too! It is an experience which is highly recommended for an adrenalin rush.
Bird Spotting can also be very indulgent to spot some rare birds out of 300 odd that exist here. The binoculars provided by the team help in seeing them frolic in their natural habitat. One can also see some rare insects and bird nests also
A trip to Baiga village to see their lifestyle, the art of brewing local wine,’ Mahua’, can also be experienced.
The traditional artists visit the lodge to familiarize the visitors with paintings on the spot to native dances in the evening around a bonfire.
This is an ecology friendly property and uses minimum plastics and encourages plantation of saplings by the visitors. A tribute to responsible tourism at its best!
Do not wait and pack your bags to have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. There are several five-star ratings for this property at Trip Advisor and other portals. (
1.Huge thanks to Tulika Kedia, MD of Singinawa Jungle Lodge and her team and Philippa Kaye of Indian Experiences for making the trip possible


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